Unofficial Events at DFW on 25-Jan

Jan 21, 2012
Unofficial Events at DFW on 25-Jan
  • For those that are not traveling on the optional TATL portion of the DO, use this page to schedule/rsvp things to do in DFW.

    [S]Tour of Dallas Cowboys Stadium[/S](top)

    UPDATE 1/14/2012: After some conversation, the group decided to cancel the tour. The BBQ option is still on the table for those interested. A new section has been created for this.
    • Suggested by lrluis here.
    • Approx 20-25 minutes from DFW
    • 15-20 qualify for group rate of $400. Additional people are $20pp
      • Group rate of $20pp is for 20ppl or more, but the Group Office confirmed that they will do 15 people for $400. At the regular rate of $27.50pp, 15 people would be $412.50, so with 15 or more people, it works out to use the group rate.
    • More info available at the VIP Guided Tours webpag
    Interest List:
    NameArrival TimeFlight Info
    lrluis25-Jan 11:30AA540
    FriendlySkies25-Jan 13:30AA1720
    Jubileesmom 25-Jan 13:10UA5454
    dmel25-Jan 12:45AA721
    dmel's dad25-Jan 12:45AA721
    mowogo25-Jan 13:30AA1720
    cr34102's husband25-Jan 10:40AA1831
    Switch225-Jan 13:00UA1539
    ByeByeDelta25-Jan 12:00
    ByeByeDelta+125-Jan 12:00
    HPaul25-Jan 13:30US542
    zphelj25-Jan 14:50AA51
    cr34102 (only if 1 more is needed)25-Jan 10:40AA1831

    To indicate interest, add yourself to the above table or msg dmel if you can't edit the Wiki page.

    Local Texas BBQ(top)

    Erndog suggests Hard Eight Bar-B-que. If interested, please indicate your interest below.

    Interest List:

    NameArrival TimeFlight Info
    dmel25-Jan 12:45AA721
    Jubileesmom25-Jan 13:10UA5454

    DFW Lounge Hopping(top)

    • those on TATL flight
    • maybe others who are already past security
    • maybe others who can get past security with a gate pass or similar