Qantas Frequent Flyer - Redeeming Points

Mar 1, 2012
Qantas Frequent Flyer - Redeeming Points
  • Qantas Frequent Flyer - Redeeming Points

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    Classic awards(top)

    Classic awards are available for Qantas and Partner airline flights, with points prices fixed based on the miles and class flown.

    Like all airlines and alliances, available award inventory is limited. Information on routes and when inventory is available can be found via the Qantas award opportunities page.

    To find out how many points you'll need for a flight with Qantas, use the online classic award calculator. For other airlines, use the classic awards table.

    Fees and charges may be acceptable to your booking, and these can be paid using your credit/debit card when booking.

    Any seat awards (ASA)(top)

    These are a different award, and allow you to book any available seat on Qantas and Jetstar.

    ASA's have the added advantage that you will earn points and status credits for these flights.

    There are two types of ASA bookings:

    ASA using only points(top)

    The first is logging in to the Frequent Flyer site, and going through the any seat award (ASA) booking option. This however comes with minimum points constraints which may be higher than a points plus pay (P+P) booking, discussed below.

    ASAs can be paid in all points, or you can vary the amount of points paid and pay a certain amount by credit card or other payment method.

    Note that ASAs, unlike Classic Awards, are not a fixed price. As you are able to redeem for any physically available seat on the aircraft, the price of the ASA is tied to the value of the seat (just like fare buckets). At best, ASAs may exist at a price very close to the equivalent Classic Award; at worst, it may be much, much higher (at this point, it's probably best to take the hint and move on). There is no magic formula nor correlation to work out how the points price links with the cash price.

    The minimum points contribution required for any ASA is the equivalent of a Classic Award calculated between the origin and final destination (irrespective of transit points). For example, an ASA booked in Business class (i.e. JASA) between TSV and DRW return, with the first flight being TSV-BNE-DRW and the second one being DRW-BNE-TSV, results in a minimum points cost of:
    • Origin is TSV, destination is DRW
    • Distance between the two is 1156 mi according to GCM
    • This falls under zone 2 of the Classic Award table
    • Zone 2 Classic Award in Business is 24,000 points
    • The second sector is the reverse of the first, so that's another 24,000 points
    ...result is a minimum points cost of 48,000 points for this ASA itinerary.

    Points plus pay(top)

    Points plus pay allows you to work through the booking system as you would booking a normal flight. When you reach the review flights screen, you press the use points plus pay button (P+P), and use a sliding scale to work out how many points and how much cash you want to use for the fare(s).

    P+P bookings more often than not have far greatly reduced minimum point requirements than a standard ASA booking (usually around 5k points).

    Flight upgrades(top)

    Points can be used to upgrade your eligible Qantas flight to a higher cabin class, subject to availability.

    You can calculate the points needed for a flight upgrade award using the upgrade calculator, or the flight upgrades award table.

    Upgrades can be requested either;
    • Online via Your bookings (you need to login to your QFF account first),
    • By phone to the QFF Service Centre (an award assistance fee may also apply), or
    • For Qantas Club, QFF Platinum and QFF Gold members travelling domestically by either:
      • visiting the Qantas Club service desk at your departure airport, or
      • using the Check In kiosks to request an on-departure upgrade when prompted
    Upgraded tickets do not earn additional points and status credits. These are earned based on the original itinerary and fare class.

    Upgrade request window(top)

    Domestic upgrades online can be requested as early as 353 days from departure, and no later than 24 hours from departure.

    For domestic on-departure upgrades, between 3hrs to 20min before departure.
    EXCEPTION: For domestic flights departing from international terminals, the on-departure upgrade window closes 40 minutes before departure)

    For international flights, these can be requested as early as 90 days before departure, and no later than 24 hours from departure.

    Eligible booking classes and permitted upgrades(top)

    The following table outlines which fare classes & buckets are eligible for upgrade, and what service class they are upgraded to:

    TravelBooked fare classFare bucketUpgradable to
    DomesticDiscount EconomyE O Q N S V L H M KBusiness
    EconomyB YBusiness
    InternationalDiscount economyAny bucket except E, N, O, Q and XPremium economy (where available)
    Discount economyAny bucket except E, N, O, Q and XBusiness
    EconomyPremium economy (where available)
    BusinessFirst (where available)

    Upgrade priority and issuance(top)

    For domestic flights, upgrade requests are instantly confirmed.

    For international flights, upgrades are not considered and/or confirmed until a specific time before your flight (T-X). This time is dependant on your QFF status level:
    • Platinum One members, up to 7 days before departure.
    • Platinums, 48 hours before departure.
    • All other requests, 24 hours before departure. Anecdotally, most will only find out if they are upgraded when they check-in at the airport.

    Upgrades for international flights are usually processed in the following order:
    • Designated VIP's
    • Chairmans Lounge
    • QFF Platinum One
    • QFF status levels in descending order from Platinum to Bronze
    The lower on this list you are and the higher the upgrade demand for your flight, the less likely you are to receive an upgrade.

    Some members suggest anecdotally that when request your upgrade influences the upgrade priority and allocation, with upgrades requested.

    Travel insurance(top)

    Australian resident QFF members can purchase QBE travel insurance polices using their points.

    If you elect to buy travel insurance during the booking process, you can pay for this either with cash, or points should you have enough to cover the policy cost.

    You can also add travel insurance to your itinerary later via the Your bookings screen, and selecting the edit option to purchase the policy along with excess baggage and other add-ons.

    Auto rewards - Woolworths vouchers(top)

    QFF members with an Australian mailing address can also opt-in to have their points balances automatically converted into Woolworths Supermarket gift cards every three months. Gift cards start at 750pts for an AUD5, up to 3000pts for AUD30.

    Four times a year on the 1st of August, November, February and May, your points balance is totalled up, and the balance swept onto gift cards of the appropriate value. Cards generally arrive within 30 days of the above dates.

    Frequent Flyer Store(top)

    Australian and New Zealand QFF members can also purchase items using points or points plus pay from the QFF Store.

    The store contains a wide range of products, magazine subscriptions and product/service vouchers across categories including;
    • Travel
    • Technology
    • Home and garden
    • Fashion and beauty
    • Sports and outdoors
    • Food and wine
    • Entertainment

    Prices start from as low as 5830pts, and delivery charges are generally included for purchases using solely points.


    EpiQure is the Qantas purpose-built community dedicated for fine food and wine enthusiasts.

    Annual membership to EpiQure is available for AUD99 or 13000pts, and includes;
    • Access to a private wine buying club where you can;
      • earn 3 points for every dollar spent on wine,
      • a bonus 2,000 points with your first dozen and 8,000 with your fourth, and
      • Pay no delivery charges in Australia until June 2012
    • 4 points per dollar at selected restaurants^, instead of the usual 3pts per dollar for QFF members.
    • Attend private invitation-only events such as wine tastings and galas
    • Use points to purchase wine and event tickets
    • Share your experiences with others in the online community
    Terms and conditions apply to the above benefits, and these are explained in detail on the EpiQure page.