Qantas Frequent Flyer FAQ

Oct 21, 2011
Qantas Frequent Flyer FAQ
  • Qantas Frequent Flyer FAQ

    The Help Guide is maintained by milepoint members like yourself. If you find something that needs to be corrected, please do so. And if the Help Guide is missing information, please feel free to add it.


    A number of acronyms are used exclusively on the QF boards to describe the QFF program and its various aspects. These are available from the main Qantas FAQ.

    Becoming a member(top)

    How do I become a member?

    The easiest way to join QFF is via their website.

    How much does it cost?

    For residents of the following countries, joining fees apply (inc. GST):
    • Australian residents - AUD82.50
    • New Zealand residents - NZD50.00
    Residents of other countries may join for free.

    Can I join for free?

    If you are a resident of Australia or New Zealand, promotions may be available from time to time which providing free membership of QFF.

    Please refer to the sticky post within the QFF threads for information on latest free membership promotions.

    Can I receive points for flights made before becoming a member?

    Yes. Qantas will allow you to claim for flights taken up to 30 days prior to becoming a member.

    For information on how to make a retroactive claim for flights before your membership, contact the QFF Service centre.

    Status tiers and benefits(top)

    What benefits are available to my membership tier?

    This information is available from the Status levels and benefits page.


    How is priority baggage delivered for checked luggage if Q-tags are attached?

    For domestic travel: If you membership tier or class of travel provides the benefit of priority luggage, then this information is encoded electronically onto the Q-tag when lodged at the bag drop or check-in counter.

    For international travel: If you membership tier or class of travel provides the benefit of priority luggage, the Q-tags are not used. You baggage will either have the appropriate swing tags to indicate relevant priority, or this will be printed directly onto the baggage tag itself.

    Your bags will be loaded and unloaded in accordance with their relevant priority, but like all things this is not an exact science and there's no guarantees your baggage will be first on the belt if eligible for this service.

    Telephone support and service(top)

    How do I access priority phone services?

    Your key to receiving priority phone service is your QFF membership number.

    When calling the QFF Service centre or Reservation lines, make sure when prompted to enter your QFF membership number.

    Your number will be recognised by the system, and your call automatically prioritised relevant to your tier status.

    Qualification and re-qualification(top)

    When does my qualification year end?

    Your qualification year (also referred to as a membership year) is different for each member, and lasts for 12 months from the mount you first joined the program.

    For example, if you joined in September 2009, your 1st qualification year would run for 12 months from September 2009 to August 2010, and your 2nd from September 2010 to August 2011, and so on.

    What are the qualification and requalification requirements for each tier?

    This information is available from the Status levels and benefits page.

    Will I be soft-landed if I don't re-qualify for my current status?

    More often than not, Yes - assuming there is a tier below you to be soft landed onto. However, this is not guaranteed, nor is it a hard and fast rule that soft landing will occur.

    Member experience suggests that you will be soft-landed onto the next tier down for an additional 12 months should you not meet the qualifying requirements for your current tier, ie;
    • Platinum drops to Gold
    • Gold drops to Silver
    • Silver either retains Silver or drops to Bronze (not enough evidence available to confirm what happens to a non-qualifying Silver)

    Status matching(top)

    Does Qantas provide status matching for elite members of other airline programs?


    Oh, you were expecting us to write a little more on that - ok.

    Qantas has not now, nor has it ever, nor do we believe it will ever offer elite members of any other airline program or alliance a status match into the QFF program at any tier or membership level. In short, if you want status within the QFF program - you'll need to earn it the hard way through BIS (bum in seat) miles like every one of it's 8,000,000+ members. No favouritism or fast-track options here, please move along.

    Upper echelon tiers(top)

    This is information on existing invite-only tiers, or those which have been announced but not yet implemented.

    What is Platinum One?

    Platinum One is a new status tier, first announced in Q3 2011 and launched mid-October 2011.

    This tier is for those who earn well in excess of the Platinum qualification level, and would likely be on par with recognition given to members of the Chairman's Club.

    Further information on Platinum One can be found on the Status tier and benefits page.

    What is the Chairman's Club?

    Chairman's Club is an invite only tier, generally reserved for people including;
    • Current and former members of Qantas's executive management team,
    • the current and past Prime Ministers, state Premiers, and territory Chief Ministers.
    • Current and former members of state and federal parliament at cabinet (and occasionally shadow cabinet) level, including the
    • Captains of industry such as CEO's of large, high profile corporations of national significance
    • CEO's and/or senior corporate officers of Qantas clients with an appropriate QMR (Qantas Market Revenue) rating, who have been recommended for membership by their Qantas client account manager, or
    • others at the complete discretion of Qantas.
    As far as it is currently understood, appointment as a member of the Chairman's Club is generally for the term of the members natural life. The obvious exception is to those who receive access as a result of their QMR rating (generally dropping below the minimum for a sustained period of time, or no longer having business with the airline at all) or the airline's discretions.

    It also goes without saying that the airline can exercise its discretion to revoke Chairman's Club membership regardless of the members standing or importance.

    In addition to receiving the majority of Platinum tier privileges across the Qantas and Oneworld network, Members of the Chairman's Club are known to receive the following benefits;
    • Access to an exclusive private lounge at selected domestic and international ports
    • Highest upgrade priority
    Other benefits for Chairman's Club members have been hinted or suggested at across various frequent flying forums, but these have not been confirmed conclusively or denied outright and thus are not listed here.

    Qantas club(top)

    What is the Qantas Club?

    More information on the Qantas Club can be found in this wiki article.

    I'm a Qantas Club member, and have qualified for the QFF Gold tier - what happens to my remaining membership?

    Any period of paid Qantas Club membership remaining once you qualify as a Gold is held in suspension.

    Should you ever lose your Gold status, the remaining paid period is re-activated automatically until such a time when it runs out, you renew your Qantas Club membership, or you again re-qualify Gold (where again, any remainder will again be suspended and held for you).

    Feedback and staff recognition(top)

    How to provide feedback

    Coming soon

    Escalating feedback

    Coming soon

    eXcel staff awards

    Coming soon


    Cards, membership packs and tags(top)

    Once I qualify for a new tier, when will I receive my membership card?

    Membership cards for re-qualified or un-qualified members are normally dispatched within 4 weeks of your tier status changing.

    If you have not received your card and membership pack within 4 weeks, call the QFF Service centre to follow up on this.

    In any case, your existing membership card will continue to be accepted at Check-in, service desks and the like, and your current status is always printed on your boarding pass, aircraft passenger sheet, and always available to service agents across the Oneworld network.

    How can I get a replacement bag tag?

    If your tag has been broken as a result of mishandling or normal wear and tear, contact the QFF Service centre to arrange delivery of a replacement tag.

    How do I replace a lost or damaged membership card?

    Contact the QFF Service centre to arrange a replacement card. Fees and/or charges may apply.

    Missing points claims(top)

    Airlines and airline partners(top)

    Before claiming, you will need to wait at least five days from your flight before making a claim. Claims made any earlier will not be accepted.

    Once you have waited 5 days after your flight, you can claim for missing flight points online for the following carriers:
    • QF - Qantas/QantasLink
    • JQ - Jetstar
    • BA - British Airways
    • CX - Cathay Pacific
    • KA - Dragon Air
    • AY - Finnair
    • MA - Malev
    • JL - Japan Airlines
    • JC - JAL Express
    • NU - Japan Transocean Air
    • LA - LAN
    • LP - LAN Peru
    • 4M - LAN Argentina
    • XL - LAN Ecuador
    • S7 - S7 Airlines
    • FJ - Air Pacific
    • NF - Air Vanuatu
    • 9W - Jet Airways
    • SA - South African Airways
    • TL - Air North
    • OT - Aeropelican
    • FQ - Brindabella
    • NC - National Jet
    For carriers not in the above list, you will need to make your claim by calling the QFF Service centre, or by email to frequent [underscore] flyer [at] qantas [dot] com [dot] au.

    Email claims must include;
    • all your membership details (Name, member number and current tier)
    • Flight details (Carrier, flight number, date and time of flight, name on ticket, and ticket number if known)
    • Scanned copy of the boarding pass, and
    • if available, a scanned or electronic copy of your passenger itinerary.
    Failure to include this information will delay or prevent your claim from being processed.

    Non-airline partners(top)

    Qantas prefers that claims for missing partner points are taken up directly with the partner.

    Information on how to contact non-airline partners for points claims is available from the QFF website.

    There are some partners for which retrospective claims are not accepted. These include;
    • Restaurants
    • Woolworths and Safeway, including Liquor and Petrol outlets
    • Dick Smith Electronics
    • Big W
    • BWS
    However, if you are unable to resolve your points claim with the supplier, you can as a last resort email the claim to the QFF Service centre at frequent [underscore] flyer [at] qantas [dot] com [dot] au.

    Email claims must include;
    • all your membership details (Name, member number and current tier)
    • Purchase details (Supplier, date of purchase and amount)
    • Scanned copy of the invoice and/or receipts showing payment in full, and
    • if paid by credit card and available, a copy of the credit card slip showing payment.
    Failure to include this information will delay or prevent your claim from being processed.