Qantas Frequent Flyer - Earning

Oct 9, 2011
Qantas Frequent Flyer - Earning
  • Qantas Frequent Flyer - Earning

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    Points in QFF can be earned in many different ways, many from the activities you do each and every day.

    From filling your car with petrol, paying on your credit card, reading the latest magazine on your lunch break while ordering stationary and printing supplies, or just taking someone special out to dinner - there's thousands of ways and places to earn QFF points.

    This page gives an overview of the multitude of opportunities for earning points, and growing your QFF balance to achieve the reward of your dreams (or at the very least, this weeks latest object of desire).

    Finding an earning partner(top)

    In addition to their website, QFF has a number of mobile and web applications to help you search and find earning partners as you move around:

    Fly (Airline partners)(top)

    You can earn QFF points and status credits across a wide range of airline carriers, both on the Oneworld network and Qantas affiliates.

    A full list of what you'll earn by cabin class and ticket type is available in the airline earning table.

    The following table gives you an at-a-glance summary of where you can earn points and status credits:

    Note: Points are not earned on all fare classes operated by all earning partners. Also, exclusions may apply for Codeshare flights not operated by Qantas. Always check the airline earning table to ensure your fare class and flight type is eligible to earn.

    [table][tr][th]Carrier[/th][th]Earns status credits?
    NB: Only awarded for eligible booking classes[/th][th]Cabin bonuses apply?
    NB: Only awarded for eligible booking classes[/th][th]Points - Economy[/th][th]Points - Premium Economy[/th][th]Points - Business[/th][th]Points - First
    [/td][/tr1][tr2][td]Jetstar[/td][td]Y - Select fares only[/td][td]Y[/td][td]Y - Starter Plus/Max only[/td][td]N/A[/td][td]Y - Business Max only[/td][td]N/A
    [/td][/tr2][tr1][td]Aer Lingus[/td][td]N[/td][td]Y[/td][td]Y[/td][td]Y[/td][td]Y[/td][td]N/A
    [/td][/tr2][tr1][td]Air Niugini[/td][td]N[/td][td]Y[/td][td]Y[/td][td]N/A[/td][td]Y[/td][td]N/A
    [/td][/tr2][tr1][td]Air Pacific
    NB: Domestic route exclusions apply[/td][td]N[/td][td]Y[/td][td]Y[/td][td]N/A[/td][td]Y[/td][td]N/A
    [/td][/tr1][tr2][td]Air Vanuatu[/td][td]N[/td][td]Y[/td][td]Y[/td][td]N/A[/td][td]Y[/td][td]N/A
    [/td][/tr2][tr1][td]Alaska Airlines[/td][td]N[/td][td]Y[/td][td]Y[/td][td]N/A[/td][td]N/A[/td][td]y
    [/td][/tr2][tr1][td]American Airlines[/td][td]Y[/td][td]Y[/td][td]Y[/td][td]N/A[/td][td]Y[/td][td]Y
    [/td][/tr1][tr2][td]Brindabella Airlines[/td][td]N[/td][td]N/A[/td][td]Y[/td][td]N/A[/td][td]N/A[/td][td]N/A
    [/td][/tr2][tr1][td]British Airways[/td][td]Y[/td][td]Y[/td][td]Y
    Warning: Some routes have lower base rates for Discount Economy fares[/td][td]Y[/td][td]Y[/td][td]Y
    [/td][/tr1][tr2][td]Cathay Pacific
    (inc. Dragonair)[/td][td]Y[/td][td]Y[/td][td]Y[/td][td]N/A[/td][td]Y[/td][td]Y
    [/td][/tr2][tr1][td]China Eastern[/td][td]N[/td][td]Y[/td][td]Y[/td][td]N/A[/td][td]Y[/td][td]Y
    [/td][/tr1][tr2][td]El Al[/td][td]N[/td][td]Y[/td][td]Y[/td][td]N/A[/td][td]Y[/td][td]Y
    [/td][/tr2][tr1][td]Japan Airlines
    inc. JAL Express, Japan Transocean[/td][td]Y[/td][td]Y[/td][td]Y[/td][td]Y[/td][td]Y[/td][td]Y
    [/td][/tr1][tr2][td]Jet Airways[/td][td]N[/td][td]Y[/td][td]Y[/td][td]N/A[/td][td]Y[/td][td]Y
    inc. LAN Express, LAN Peru, Lan Ecuador, LAN Argentina[/td][td]Y[/td][td]Y[/td][td]Y[/td][td]N/A[/td][td]Y[/td][td]Y
    [/td][/tr1][tr2][td]Royal Jordanian[/td][td]Y[/td][td]Y[/td][td]Y[/td][td]N/A[/td][td]Y[/td][td]N/A
    [/td][/tr1][tr2][td]South Africian
    NB: Earning route restrictions apply.[/td][td]N[/td][td]Y[/td][td]Y[/td][td]N/A[/td][td]Y[/td][td]Y


    [table][tr][th]Partner[/th][th]Earning ratio[/th][th]Minimum spend[/th][th]Notes
    [/th][/tr][tr1][td]BigW[/td][td]1pt per AUD above AUD30[/td][td]AUD30[/td][td]Earned using a linked Everyday Rewards card
    [/td][/tr1][tr2][td]Dick Smith[/td][td]1pt per AUD above AUD50[/td][td]AUD50[/td][td]Earned using a linked Everyday Rewards card
    [/td][/tr2][tr1][td]Caltex Woolworths Fuel[/td][td]2pts per litre[/td][td]AUD30[/td][td]Earned using a linked Everyday Rewards card, which must be configured to earn fuel rewards, and have an available fuel discount voucher.
    [/td][/tr1][tr2][td]Woolworths/Safeway Liquor[/td][td]1pt per AUD above AUD30[/td][td]AUD30[/td][td]Earned using a linked Everyday Rewards card
    [/td][/tr2][tr1][td]BWS[/td][td]1pt per AUD above AUD30[/td][td]AUD30[/td][td]Earned using a linked Everyday Rewards card
    [/td][/tr1][tr2][td]Woolworths[/td][td]1pt per AUD above AUD30[/td][td]AUD30[/td][td]Earned using a linked Everyday Rewards card


    You can earn points through credit card spend with a broad range of partners including;
    Rates between providers and individual credit cards differ, so review the list to find a credit card that's right for your needs.


    [table][tr][th]Partner[/th][th]Earning ratio[/th][th]Minimum spend[/th][th]Notes
    [/th][/tr][tr][td]Optus[/td][td]Varies, see bullet points below[/td][td][/td][td]You must link your Optus services to your QFF account to earn points.

    Optus is the communications earning partner for QFF. You can earn points for personal and SME expenditure on eligible services such as:
    • Mobiles (inc. prepaid and postpaid services)
    • Fixed line phones
    • Broadband (inc. fixed line and mobile)
    • Pay TV
    • Bundled communications
    In order to earn points, you need to link your Optus services to your QFF account.

    Earning rates:
    • Personal customers: 2pts per AUD1 spend on eligible services
    • SME customers:
      • Until 31 DEC 2011: 2pts per AUD1 spend on eligible services
      • After 31 DEC 2011: 1pt per AUD1 spend on eligible services


    Depending on your hotel and earning preferences, you can either have the hotel directly credit points to QFF, or you can earn points in your hotel program and transfer these over to QFF as and when you choose.

    Direct earn(top)

    Depending on how generous (or stingy) the earning rate of your hotel loyalty program, you may choose to earn points from the hotel directly to QFF.

    Within Australia(top)

    [table][tr][th]Partner[/th][th]Earning ratio[/th][th]Minimum spend[/th][th]Notes
    [/th][/tr][tr1][td]Conrad Hotels[/td][td]1000pts per stay[/td][td][/td][td]
    [/td][/tr1][tr2][td]Hilton Hotels[/td][td]1000pts per stay[/td][td][/td][td]
    [/td][/tr2][tr1][td]Hyatt Hotels & Resorts[/td][td]1000pts per stay[/td][td][/td][td]
    [/td][/tr1][tr2][td]Independent partner hotels[/td][td]3pts per AUD1[/td][td][/td][td]See list of independent hotels by state
    [/td][/tr2][tr1][td]Partner hotels[/td][td]3pts per AUD1[/td][td][/td][td]Current partner hotels:
    Adina Apartment Hotels
    All Seasons
    Bayview International
    Best Western
    Blue Sydney - A Taj Hotel
    Chifley Hotels
    Choice Hotels Australasia
    Country Club Resort, Launceston TAS
    Country Comfort
    Courtyard by Marriott
    Crown Promenade, Melbourne VIC
    Crown Towers, Melbourne VIC
    Crowne Plaza Hotels and Resorts
    Econo Lodge
    Four Seasons Hotel, Sydney NSW
    Gold Coast International, Gold Coast QLD
    The Grace Hotel, Sydney NSW
    Holiday Inn Hotels and Resorts
    InterContinental Hotels and Resorts
    The Langham Hotels & Resorts
    Leisure Inn Hotels and Suites
    Marque Hotels
    Medina Apartment Hotels
    Marriott Hotels and Resorts^
    Metro Inns
    Mirvac Hotels and Resorts
    Park Regis Hotels
    Pullman Hotels & Resorts
    The Observatory Hotel, Sydney NSW
    Q Resorts
    Rendezvous Hotels International
    Royal on the Park, Brisbane QLD
    Royce on St Kilda Road, Melbourne VIC
    Rydges Hotels and Resorts+
    Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts
    Skycity, Darwin NT
    Sofitel Hotels and Resorts
    Somerset Serviced Residences
    Stamford Hotels and Resorts
    Star City, Sydney NSW
    Swissotel Hotels & Resorts
    Vibe Hotels
    The Windsor Hotel, Melbourne VIC
    The Wrest Point, Hobart TAS

    Outside Australia(top)

    [table][tr][th]Partner[/th][th]Earning ratio[/th][th]Minimum spend[/th][th]Notes
    [/th][/tr][tr1][td]Partner hotels[/td][td]1000pts per stay[/td][td][/td][td]Current partner hotels:
    Bayview International, New Zealand
    Conrad Hotels
    Doubletree Hotels and Resorts
    Eaton Hotels
    Embassy Suites
    Hilton and Hilton Garden Inn
    Hyatt Hotels and Resorts, New Zealand
    InterContinental Hotel and Resorts
    The Langham Hotels & Resorts
    Langham Place Hotels & Resorts
    Mandarin Oriental
    Marriott Hotels and Resorts^
    Merchant Court
    Mirvac Hotels and Resorts
    Millenium Hotels & Resorts
    Park Plaza Hotels & Resorts
    Pullman Hotels and Resorts
    Radisson, Radisson SAS, Radisson Edwardian
    Raffles Hotels and Resorts
    Regent Hotels & Resorts
    Renaissance Hotels and Resorts
    Rendezvous Hotels International+
    Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts
    Sofitel Hotels and Resorts
    Stamford Hotels and Resorts
    Summit Hotels & Resorts
    Swissotel Hotels & Resorts
    Taj Hotels
    Traders Hotels
    [/td][/tr1][tr2][td]Independent partner hotels[/td][td]1000pts per stay[/td][td][/td][td]See list of independent hotels
    [/td][/tr2][tr1][td]Partner hotels[/td][td]600pts per stay[/td][td][/td][td]Current partner list:
    Ascend Collection
    Best Western, New Zealand
    Candlewood Suites
    Cambria Suites~
    Comfort Inn~
    Comfort Suites~
    Copthorne Hotels
    Crowne Plaza Hotels and Resorts
    Econo Lodge~
    Express by Holiday Inn
    Holiday Inn Hotels and Resorts
    Holiday Inn Express
    Hotel Indigo
    Hyatt Hotels and Resorts, excluding New Zealand
    Kingsgate Hotels
    MainStay Suites~
    Mercure Asia-Pacific, excluding French Polynesia
    Novotel Asia-Pacific, excluding French Polynesia
    Rodeway Inn~
    Rydges Hotels and Resorts
    Sleep Inn~
    Staybridge Suites
    Suburban Extended Stay Hotel~

    Loyalty program transfer(top)

    Your hotel program may allow you to transfer points to the QFF program subject to their terms and conditions.

    Programs known to allow transfers of points to QFF include:
    [tr][th]Program name[/th][th]Minimum transfer amount[/th][th]Conversion ratio
    [/td][/tr2][tr1][td]Marriott[/td][td]10,000[/td][td]from 1:0.15 to 1:0.28
    [/td][/tr1][tr2][td]Priority Club (IC Hotels Group)[/td][td]10,000[/td][td]1:0.2


    [table][tr][th]Partner[/th][th]Earning ratio[/th][th]Minimum spend[/th][th]Notes
    [/th][/tr][tr1][td]Avis[/td][td]Within Australia: 3pts per AUD1
    Outside Australia: 700pts per rental[/td][td][/td][td]
    [/td][/tr2][tr1][td]Budget[/td][td]Within Australia: 3pts per AUD1
    Outside Australia: 700pts per rental[/td][td][/td][td]


    [table][tr][th]Partner[/th][th]Earning ratio[/th][th]Minimum spend[/th][th]Notes
    [/th][/tr][tr][td]Selected restaurants[/td][td]3pts per AUD1[/td][td][/td][td]Browse full list of restaurants, QFF card must be presented to claim points and retroactive claims not permitted.

    Retail, entertainment, vehicles and automotive services(top)

    [table][tr][th]Partner[/th][th]Earning ratio[/th][th]Minimum spend[/th][th]Notes
    [/th][/tr][tr2][td]Qantas Frequent Flowers[/td][td]5pts per AUD1[/td][td][/td][td]
    [/td][/tr2][tr1][td]Qantas Box Office[/td][td]2pts per AUD1[/td][td][/td][td]Earned for tickets and services only, unless stated otherwise.
    [/td][/tr1][tr2][td]Tint-a-car[/td][td]1pt per AUD1[/td][td][/td][td]
    [/td][/tr2][tr1][td]Beaurepairs[/td][td]1pt per AUD1[/td][td][/td][td]Excludes Government, fleet and account payments.
    [/td][/tr1][tr2][td]Trivett[/td][td]1pt per AUD2[/td][td][/td][td]Excludes Government, fleet and wholesale purchases.
    [/td][/tr2][tr1][td]Cellarmasters[/td][td]1pt per AUD1[/td][td][/td][td]

    Travel and travel services(top)

    [table][tr][th]Partner[/th][th]Earning ratio[/th][th]Minimum spend[/th][th]Notes
    [/th][/tr][tr1][td]CruiseCo[/td][td]1pt per AUD1.50[/td][td][/td][td]
    [/td][/tr1][tr2][td]DFS Galleria
    inc. DFS operated airport botiques (Fendi, Omega Ralph Loren)[/td][td]1pt per AUD1[/td][td][/td][td]
    [/td][/tr2][tr1][td]Travelex[/td][td]from 1pt per AUD5[/td][td]AUD50[/td][td]
    [/td][/tr1][tr2][td]Inflight Duty Free[/td][td]1pt per AUD1[/td][td][/td][td]
    [/td][/tr2][tr1][td]Qantas Drive[/td][td]3pts per AUD1[/td][td][/td][td]
    [/td][/tr1][tr2][td]Wildlife Safari[/td][td]Contact supplier[/td][td][/td][td]Earned for land segments only on select products.
    [/td][/tr2][tr1][td]Skimax[/td][td]Canada, USA, Europe, Japan and South America: 2000pts
    Australia, New Zealand: 1000pts[/td][td][/td][td]Package bookings only, minimum package composition rules apply
    [/td][/tr1][tr2][td]iTravelBooks[/td][td]2pts per AUD1[/td][td][/td][td]
    [/td][/tr2][tr1][td]QBE Travel Insurance[/td][td]1pt per AUD1[/td][td][/td][td]1000pts bonus for annual multi-trip insurance policies.
    [/td][/tr1][tr2][td]Qantas Holidays[/td][td]1pt per AUD1[/td][td][/td][td]Exclusions apply
    [/td][/tr2][tr1][td]Qantas Vallet Parking[/td][td]3pts per AUD1[/td][td][/td][td]Available at major Domestic ports only[/td][/tr1]

    Finance, business and real estate(top)

    [table][tr][th]Partner[/th][th]Earning ratio[/th][th]Minimum spend[/th][th]Notes
    [/th][/tr][tr1][td]OnePath Life insurance
    inc. ANZ life[/td][td]1pt per AUD[/td][td][/td][td]Eligible policies only.
    [/th][/tr1][tr2][td]Leveraged Equities[/td][td]from 20000pts per AUD100,000/pa[/td][td][/td][td]
    [/th][/tr2][tr1][td]E*TRADE[/td][td]1pt per AUD3 brokerage[/td][td][/td][td]max 1000pts/month, visitor trade and non-retail accounts excluded
    [/th][/tr1][tr2][td]Snap Printing[/td][td]1pt per AUD1[/td][td][/td][td]Contract or fixed pricing customers excluded, pre-registration required
    [/th][/tr2][tr1][td]LJ Hooker[/td][td]20,000pts on sale of residential, commercial or industrial properties
    10,000pts on appointment as residential property manager[/td][td]X[/td][td]Conditions apply.
    [/th][/tr1][tr2][td]Rental Rewards[/td][td]1pt per AUD1[/td][td]X[/td][td]1000pts annual bonus for 12mth consecutive credit card payments, 250pts annual bonus for 12mth consecutive direct debit customers, Conditions apply.
    [/th][/tr2][tr1][td]Office National[/td][td]1pt per AUD2[/td][td][/td][td]Australia only. Credit card payments purchases of computer hardware, printers, and paper excluded, not acceptible for Government or contract pricing. Late account payments ineligible.
    [/th][/tr1][tr2][td]Office Products Depot[/td][td]1pt per AUD2[/td][td][/td][td]Australia only. Credit card payments purchases of computer hardware, printers, and paper excluded, not acceptible for Government or contract pricing. Late account payments ineligible.
    [/th][/tr2][tr1][td]Macquarie Bank - Term deposits[/td][td]Varies[/td][td][/td][td]Limited to term deposits opened before 1 SEP 2011