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Oct 9, 2011
Qantas Airways - Qantas Club
  • Qantas Airways - Qantas Club

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    What is the Qantas Club?(top)

    The Qantas Club is a paid lounge access program, providing access to Qantas operated and associated lounges at domestic and major international ports.

    In addition to Qantas Club and associated lounges, you are also able to access British Airways lounges (Terraces and Executive Club lounges) and American Airlines Admirals Club lounges when your next flight is marketed and/or operated by these carriers.

    Program benefits(top)

    In addition to lounge access, the following benefits are also included as part of membership:
    • Automatic, free enrolment in the Qantas Frequent Flyer program
    • Where permitted, access to the lounge for you, and your guest(s) subject to limitations and access rules
    • Personal travel profile and preferences linked to your membership
    • Priority telephone assistance
    • Q Card enabled membership card: Enables paperless check-in and ticketing for Domestic services
    • Check-in:
      • Domestic travel: Either in the Qantas Club, or at designated Qantas Club counters at non-NGCI (Next Generation Check-in) airports
      • International: At at designated Qantas Club counters, or if not provided then Business Class counters
    • Baggage
      • Domestic: Increased allowances (up to 32kg, single piece), and priority tagging.
      • International: Increased allowances, due to complexity please refer to the baggage guide.
    • Priority waitlist and stand-by
    • On-departure upgrades using points via the Qantas Club in-lounge service desk.
    • Discounted access to Qantas Club meeting rooms

    Lounge facilities(top)

    Depending on the location, you can generally expect to find the following facilities:
    • Club service desk for helping you with flight or connection issues
    • Latest generation Apple computer workstations (dual boot for both Windows and OSX)
    • Power points and computer tables for keeping your devices charged
    • Free photocopying, local faxes and local telephone calls
    • Latest local and national newspapers and publications
    • Personal messaging service
    • Free cold buffet with options appropriate to the time of day, snacks, coffee, drinks (inc. Alcohol and Spirits)
    Clubs at larger ports may also contain
    • Complimentary wireless access
    • Barista coffee service until 11am
    • Meeting rooms for hire
    • Showers
    • Hot buffet service
    For a full list of facilities at each club, scroll down to Where are the lounges to find a list of facilities available at each port.

    How much does it cost(top)

    Program costs depend on where you live (due to the Australian GST), and if you join the program as an individual or via a corporate membership scheme.

    Your first payment will include a one-time joining feel, and your first annual membership fee (paid for either one or two years).

    To best determine the price of membership, you can use the online quote form which will ask the relevant questions to give you the right price.

    Corporate membership(top)

    Reduced price membership may be available through various professional and industry associations or through membership schemes which can be setup by a collective of individuals.

    Depending on the type of corporate membership, you will either manage your own corporate membership (known as individually managed), or have a central contact for scheme payment and membership enquiries (known as group managed).

    Guest passes(top)

    In addition to the guest quota provided with your membership, you can also purchase an annual guest pass, which allows you to bring one additional member per guest pass into the lounge.

    Prices and information on guest passes are available using the online quote form.

    How do I join(top)

    The easiest way to become a member is to join and pay online.

    For individually managed corporate membership(top)

    If you are joining as a member of an individually managed corporate membership, you will need the relevant Scheme Number to receive their allocated rates.

    Paper form and group managed corporate scheme(top)

    If you want to join the old fashioned way, or you're signing onto a group managed corporate scheme, then you will need to use the paper membership form.

    Your membership card(top)

    Once your membership is accepted, you will receive a Qantas Club membership card. You should keep this with you to access the lounge, specially when travelling domestically.

    If you are already a member of Qantas Frequent Flyer, you can use this card instead of your QFF membership card.

    Please note, your Qantas Club card does not currently display your Oneworld membership status (Ruby) if you are a Silver QFF member. In this case, you may need your Silver card when travelling on International Oneworld partners.

    Where are the lounges(top)

    A full list of lounges for each region can be found below:

    How do I access the lounges?(top)

    To access the lounge, simply enter and hand over your card and boarding pass to the Reception.

    In lounges at major Australian and International ports, you may also find a black bar-code scanner atop the reception counter (similar to what you'll find at a boarding gate).

    If reception staff are busy, you are welcome to scan either the back of your membership card or boarding pass barcode for entry. You can proceed once the light goes green, but be prepared to either flash your card or boarding pass when reception staff look up.

    Access rules(top)

    Qantas provides an easy-to-read access matrix showing which lounge types you can access, when you can access them, and if and how many guests you can take with.

    How do I renew?(top)

    If you've joined as an individual or as part of an individually managed scheme - then renewing your membership is as simple as logging into the Qantas website, then going to the renew Qantas Club pages. You also can renew over the phone by calling the Qantas Club service centre.

    If you're part of a group managed corporate scheme, contact your scheme administrator.


    For questions and service you can contact the following numbers:

    [/th][/tr][tr1][td]Australia[/td][td]13 11 31
    [/td][/tr1][tr2][td]New Zealand[/td][td]0800 101 500
    [/td][/tr2][tr1][td]Worldwide[/td][td]+61 (3) 9658 5302

    Contact details for individual lounges can be found above in the section titled Where are the lounges.