Positioning Flights for SMD3 Attendees

Sep 5, 2011
Positioning Flights for SMD3 Attendees
  • This page will let fellow SMD3 attendees share their positioning flight info with other attendees. You do not have to provide this information, its completely optional. If you wish to have to information added, you can also PM 744 or paranoiatx.

    Note: The lists are sorted by arrival time.

    Europe+North America Participants(top)

    ParticipantFlying in...On...Flying out...On...
    7442011/09/02UA4250 GRR-CLE 6:05a
    UA4381 CLE-BOS 7:35a
    UA1138 BOS-EWR 10:45a
    2011/09/11UA403 DEN-SNA 11:25a
    UA475 SNA-DEN 9/13 6:45a
    UA936 DEN-IAD 9/13 11:19a
    UA249 IAD-ORD 9/13 5:31p
    UA489 ORD-GRR 9/13 9:00p
    anthstr2011/09/03CO1496 DEN-EWR 5:31a
    haakonks2011/09/03SK907 OSL-EWR 11:052011/09/11CO1181 DEN-EWR 10:00
    SK908 EWR-OSL 19:00
    Pat+2011/09/03UA386 SEA-DEN 7:18a
    UA258 DEN-LGA 12:26p
    2011/09/11UA339 DEN-SEA 11:53a
    2011/09/03UA341 SFO-LAX 11:46a-1:10p
    UA890 LAX-JFK 1:50p-10:12p
    2011/09/11UA245 DEN-SJC 12:14p-1:44p
    2011/09/03AA1923 SFO-LAX 11:35a-1:00p
    AA32 LAX-JFK 1:45p-10:20p
    2011/09/11UA245 DEN-SJC 12:14p-1:44p
    jetsetr2011/09/04UA824 SFO-JFK 06:41a2011/09/11UA561 DEN-OAK 12:15p
    Mr. Max2011/09/04AC8076 YYJ-YVR
    AC8101 YVR-SEA
    CO1727 SEA-EWR
    LH411* JFK-FRA 9/5
    LH2004* MUC-DUS 9/7 9:05a
    LH436* DUS-ORD 9/7 11:55a
    2011/09/11UA5351 DEN-YYC 12:19p
    AC8555 YYC-YYJ 4:25p
    MSPeconomist2011/09/04DL1796 MSP-LGA 2:58pm2011/09/11DL2008 DEN-MSP 6:03pm
    bonnerbl2011/09/04UA286 SFO-JFK 07:21-15:42
    2011/09/11UA940 DEN-ORD
    UA942 ORD-CDG
    centxwx2011/09/04CO34 AUS-IAH 1:45p-2:40p
    CO1546 IAH-EWR 3:50p-8:25p
    2011/09/11UA6266 DEN-AUS 10:06a-1:11p
    wijomas2011/09/04NZ2 AKL-LAX 9:30p
    AA10 LAX-JFK 9:05p
    2011/09/11UA409 DEN-LAX 5:24p
    NZ1 LAX-AKL 9:30p
    jupper2011/09/04CO59 AMS-IAH
    CO1512 IAH-SEA
    UA698 SEA-SFO
    UA556 SFO-PHL
    CO1519 SEA-IAH
    CO1523 IAH-SEA
    UA262 SEA-IAD 11:28p
    UA3373 IAD-PHL 8:21a
    CO4841 PHL-EWR 11:21a
    CO4937 EWR-PIT 4:10p
    UA3744 PIT-IAD 7:45p
    UA5715 IAD-JFK 10:00p-11:09p
    2011/09/11UA369 DEN-PDX 11:33a-1:13p
    UA6396 PDX-SEA 3:46p
    CO1159 SEA-IAH
    CO58 IAH-AMS
    Sean Colahan2011/09/05US4680 PVD-LGA 6:00a2011/09/11US652 DEN-PHX 6:00a
    US180 PHX-SAN 7:40a
    US488 SAN-PHX 11:07a
    US273 PHX-IAH 12:15p
    US1828 IAH-PHL 5:45p
    US3804 PHL-PVD 10:46p
    Tommy7772011/09/05AA392 ORD-LGA 7:55a2011/09/11AA1616 DEN-DFW 3:35p
    AA2372 DFW-ORD 7:00p
    Firefly2011/09/05AA392 ORD-LGA 7:55a2011/09/11AA1616 DEN-DFW 3:35p
    AA2372 DFW-ORD 7:00p
    cova2011/09/05DL3996 DCA-JFK 8:30a2011/09/11CO1030 DEN-IAH 2:15p
    CO1661 IAH-DCA 7:12p
    coflyer22011/09/05B61050 PIT-JFK 9:25a-10:27a2011/09/11N/A
    YUL362011/09/05DL2519 YYZ-JFK 11:01a
    legalalien2011/09/05UA3487 ORD-LGA 11:06a2011/09/11AA1465 DEN-ORD 6:25a
    paranoiatx2011/09/05AA908 EZE-MIA 10:35p-6:40a
    AA1124 MIA-LGA 10:00a-12:55p
    2011/09/11UA5847 DEN-MCI 2:56p-5:26p
    UA4701 MCI-IAH 6:18p-8:18p
    CO1234 IAH-AUS 9:12p-10:03p
    LH434* MUC-ORD 9/7
    * Indicates alternate TATL flights

    North America-Only Participants(top)

    ParticipantFlying in...On...Flying out...On...
    jd6232011/09/06N/A2011/09/11AA1270 DEN-DFW 7:30a
    AA2344 DFW-ORD 11:20a
    AirFrance2011/09/07N/A2011/09/11AA2086 DEN-ORD 9:10a
    platinumTA2011/09/06UA572 PDX-DEN 3:10p-6:38p
    UA701 DEN-ORD 8:41p-11:54p
    2011/09/11UA6219 DEN-DAL 4:40p
    Minnesota Bruin2011/09/07UA478 LAX-ORD 8:09a 2011/09/11UA894 DEN-LAX 9:47a
    SS2552011/09/07UA478 LAX-ORD 8:09a 2011/09/10UA731 DEN-LAX 3:07p
    Asiadxer (Jani)2011/09/07UA478 LAX-ORD 8:09a2011/09/11UA235 DEN-LAX 5:24p
    mikeschu2011/09/07UA330 SAN-ORD 8:18a2011/09/11UA763 DEN-SAN 11:35a
    rehoult2011/09/07AC146 YYC-YYZ 00:05
    AC503 YYZ-ORD 09:10
    2011/09/11UA6194 DEN-YYC 21:46
    Global Happy Traveller2011/09/07AC503 YYZ-ORD 09:102011/09/11
    UA857 DEN-SFO 10:10
    UA415 SFO-IAD 22:55
    UA3371 IAD-YYZ 8:14+1
    SC8012011/09/07US3036 AGS-CLT 7:24a
    US926 CLT-ORD 10:05a
    2011/09/11US478 DEN-CLT 10:24a
    US4069 CLT-AGS 6:58p
    Jenny & Curt2011/09/07AA4229 PIT-ORD 11:35a 2011/09/11UA988 DEN-LAX 8:17a
    Official Europe Flight2011/09/07LH430 FRA-ORD 12:40pN/AN/A
    Skyraider2011/09/07SK635 ARN-FRA 9:10a
    UA941 FRA-ORD 12:45p
    2011/09/11CO1667 DEN-EWR 8:25a
    CO68 EWR-ARN 5:25p
    crescidp2011/09/07DL2986 JFK-ORD 12:55p2011/09/11CO6709 DEN-BOS 10:22a
    traveltoomuch2011/09/07UA6490 HNL-DEN 6:15am
    2011/09/11UA606 DEN-BOS 8:28am
    Mommypoints2011/09/07CO1467 IAH-ORD 1:15p2011/09/11CO1016 DEN-IAH 7:05a
    UA-NYC2011/09/07UA683 LGA-ORD 1:57p2011/09/10UA910 DEN-ORD 8:50a
    Pat893392011/09/07UA972 SFO-ORD 4:07p2011/09/10TBD
    canucklehead2011/09/07UA685 LGA-ORD 4:29p2011/09/11UA244 DEN-ORD 10:30a
    UA690 ORD-LGA 5:00p
    EWR7642011/09/07UA685 LGA-ORD 4:29p2011/09/11CO1667 DEN-EWR 8:25a
    rggale2011/09/07UA563 PHL-ORD 4:30p-5:37p2011/09/11CO1237 DEN-IAH 6:00a
    CO1243 IAH-PHL 10:15a
    2wheels2011/09/07TBD2011/09/11US652 DEN-PHX 6:00a
    US263 PHX-SMF 7:20a