Positioning Flights for OWMD Attendees

Jan 25, 2012
Positioning Flights for OWMD Attendees
  • This page will let OWMD attendees share their positioning flight info with other attendees. You do not have to provide this information, its completely optional. If you wish to have to information added, you can also PM paranoiatx.

    Any (*) after a name indicates lounge guesting ability. Lists are sorted by arrival time.

    Europe+North America Participants(top)

    ParticipantFlying in...On...Flying out...On...
    NYCAdventurer2012/01/21Lives in NYC

    2012/01/29AA10 LAX-JFK 9:20p
    cova (* intl)2012/01/21Amtrak WAS-NYP 10:30a
    2012/01/29AA2444 LAX-DFW 12:25p
    AA1670 DFW-DCA 6:30p
    A2A (* intl)2012/01/21AA171 BRU-JFK 10:00a-12:45p
    2012/01/29AA2004 LAX-ORD 8:00a-2:00p
    AA292 ORD-DEL 3:40p-5:45p+1
    AZO_Tim (* intl)2012/01/21AA4583 CLT-LGA 12:15p-2:10p
    2012/01/29AA2004 LAX-ORD 8:00a-2:00p
    2012/01/21QL901 PMV-CCS 7:15a-8:00a
    AA976 CCS-JFK 11:00a-3:40p

    AA1254 LAX-MIA 9:35p-5:20a+1
    AA2107 MIA-CCS 7:00a-10:40a
    QL906 CCS-PMV 1:30p-2:15p
    Sagy (*)2012/01/21AA1851 BOS-JFK 5:20p
    AA370 ORD-LGA 1:10p-4:15p
    2012/01/29AA1196 LAX-ORD 9:30a
    ParanoiaTX (* intl)2012/01/21UA741 AUS-DEN 8:23a-9:39a
    UA902 DEN-IAD 10:49a-4:04p
    UA3775 IAD-LGA 5:20p-6:39p
    2012/01/29UA6448 LAX-AUS 7:00p-11:59p
    zphelj (*)2012/01/22AA400 DFW-JFK 10:40a-2:59p
    2012/01/29AA2400 LAX-DFW 12:20a-5:05a
    William JLP2012/01/22AA4324 ORF-JFK 2:35p-4:00p
    2012/01/29AA2444 LAX-DFW 12:25p-5:30p
    firstglobal2012/01/22AA114 LAX-EWR 8:45a-4:55p
    2012/01/29AA10 LAX-JFK 9:20p-5:30a
    drewbles2012/01/22VA11 MEL-LAX 12:15p (1/21)
    VX404 LAX-JFK 7:40a-3:59p
    Late FebN/A

    VA51 AKL-SYD 6:00a
    VA1 SYD-LAX 2:40p
    DL1934 LAX-JFK 1:30p
    VA2 LAX-SYD 8:25p
    DJ8002 SYD-AKL 9:40a
    globalexplorer (*)2012/01/23UA358 DEN-LGA 2:15p
    2012/01/28AAxxx LAX-JFK 11:40p
    SvenVDM2012/01/23LH922 FRA-LHR 9:20p-10:00p
    2012/01/30AA2416 LAX-DFW 7:45a-12:50p
    AA70 DFW-FRA 3:20p-8:05a
    xakl & b-hqb2012/01/24Originating in London
    2012/01/30NZ2 LAX-LHR 4:00p
    FlyIce2012/01/24BA561 LIN(MIL)-LHR 7:35a-8:40a
    2012/01/28VX945 LAX-SFO 7:35p-8:45p

    North America-Only Participants(top)

    ParticipantFlying in...On...Flying out...On...
    zpaul2012/01/25AA940 SCL-DFW 10:55p-6:05a
    2012/01/29LA603 LAX-SCL 2:00p-6:05a
    LoneTree2012/01/25AA2309 ORD-DFW 11:05a
    2012/01/30AA1196 LAX-ORD 9:30a
    FlyerChrisK2012/01/25US1485 LGA-CLT 6:30a-8:39a
    US555 CLT-DFW 9:25a-11:20a
    2012/01/29AA30 LAX-JFK 11:40p-7:59a
    lrluis2012/01/25AA540 SFO-DFW 6:00a-11:30a
    2012/01/29B6 264 LGB-SMF 7:25p-8:49p
    Sweetnote2012/01/25AA463 ORF-DFW -9:10a
    2012/01/28AA2410 LAX-AUS 6:00p
    ByeByeDelta2012/01/25AA675 TPA-DFW 9:45a-11:35a
    2012/01/29AA2410 LAX-dfw 6:00a-11:00a
    ByeByeDelta+12012/01/25AA675 TPA-DFW 9:45a-11:35a
    2012/01/29DL LAX-??? 9:00a
    asiadxer2012/01/25AA675 TPA-DFW 9:45a-11:35a
    2012/01/29UA891 LAX-NRT 11:42a-4:35p+1
    TelevisionTdTina2012/01/25AA2412 LAX-DFW 11:45a
    From NYC2012/01/25AA432 MIA-DFW 12:00p
    2012/01/29AA4 LAX-JFK 12:15p
    alfagirl2012/01/25AA1237 BUR-DFW 12:15p

    dmel (*)2012/01/25AA721 LGA-DFW 12:45p
    2012/01/29AA40 LAX-JFK 11:05a
    Jubileesmom2012/01/25UA5454 LAX-DFW 1:10p
    2012/01/29UA0227 LAX-SFO 2:42p
    kugkai82012/01/25AA395 MIA-DFW 1:15p

    FriendlySkies (*)2012/01/25AA1720 MCI-DFW 11:45a-1:30p
    2012/01/29AA1196 LAX-ORD 9:30a
    AA4363 ORD-MCI 5:25p
    mowogo2012/01/25AA1720 MCI-DFW 11:45a-1:30p
    2012/01/29UA843 LAX-ORD 2:05p
    UA724 HNL-SFO 1:56p-8:52p
    UA511 SFO-DFW 8:25a-1:50p
    UA841 LAX-SFO 6:45p-8:02p
    UA663 SFO-HNL 8:55a-12:29p
    jrp22012/01/25DL784 ATL-MSP 10:13a
    DL4648 MSP-DFW 2:00p
    2012/01/29DL16 LAX-ATL 8:40a
    jrp22012/01/25AA1182 LAX-AUS
    AA418 AUS-DFW 2:00p
    2012/01/29DL16 LAX-ATL 8:40a
    Official TATL2012/01/25AA51 LHR-DFW 9:45a-2:05p
    carwag252012/01/25AA578 SJC-DFW 8:40a-2:10p
    2012/01/29WN LAX-SJC 12:25p-1:35p
    DCtrAAveler2012/01/25BA193 LHR-DFW 2:40p
    2012/01/29AA2406 BUR-DFW 12:30p
    AA1670 DFW-DCA
    eae (*)2012/01/25AA1211 SFO-DFW 9:35a-3:00p
    2012/01/29AA1798 LAX-SFO 7:15p-8:30p
    FFMilesJunkie2012/01/25AA601 IAD-DFW 3:15p

    burkey2012/01/25AA1003 CLE-DFW 3:25pm

    barelyelite (*)2012/01/25AA1616 LAS-DFW 11:30a-4:10p
    AA30 LAX-JFK 11:40p-7:59a
    AA4543 JFK-DCA 11:10a-12:25p
    folex3862012/01/25AA2442 LAX-DFW 11:10a-4:10pN/AN/A
    Robt7602012/01/25AA2442 LAX-DFW 11:10a-4:10p
    ExPanAmer2012/01/25AA2442 LAX-DFW 11:10a-4:10p
    2012/01/29AA681 LAX-ORD
    beaktor2012/01/25AA1803 AUS-DFW 3:20-4:20p2012/01/29AA1308 LAX-AUS 1:55-6:45p
    Sabalca2012/01/25AA401 MIA-DFW -4:40p
    2012/01/28AA276 LAX-MIA 10:55p
    BrewerSEA2012/01/25AA1598 SEA-DFW 11:00am-4:45pm2012/01/28AA136 LAX-LHR 6:35pm-1:15pm+1
    monnyclives in Dallas2012/01/28AA1890 LAX-ORD 5:45p
    jetsetr2012/01/25VX714 SFO-DFW 1:30p-6:50p
    2012/01/28UA263 LAX-SFO 10:34p-11:55p
    legalalien2012/01/25US19 ORD-CLT 1:50p-4:45p
    US1105 CLT-DFW 6:05p-8:02p
    2012/01/28AA2400 LAX-DFW 12:20a-5:05a
    AA2324 DFW-ORD 6:45a-9:10a