Lounge review: ORD: SkyTeam

Jul 10, 2011
Lounge review: ORD: SkyTeam
  • There are three Sky Team lounges at ORD
    • Delta lounge, T2, across from gate E4
    • Air France, T5, near M7
    • Alitalia, T5, across from M12

    The Delta Sky Club is open Sun–Fri: 4:45am–7pm, and Sat: 4:45am–5:30pm
    Free wifi for members and guests. The main room has a stand in the middle with coffee, and various snacks at different times of day. The back room holds the open bar, and that is where you will find bagels and a toaster in the morning.

    The main room of the ORD skyclub, with a coffee bar in the middle.

    The back room of the ORD SkyClub, where the self service bar and breakfast bagels are to be found.

    The club was enlarged summer 2011, a wall near the front opened up to add an additional 20 seats.

    The Air France Salon is a small but pleasant place, with a nice view of the tarmac. Food offerings are excellent, including finger sandwiches prior to the AF departure. There is a back door that leads directly to the jetway, so that lounge visitors can have easy priority boarding. No bathroom- you have to go back into the terminal for that.

    Photo of the AF lounge. Food is served on the counter at the right; a view of the tarmac through the windows on the left. The door in back leads directly to the jetway, bypassing the public gate area.

    The Alitalia Verdi Lounge is quite small, and doesn't have any windows. There is one computer for internet access, and a small self service bar with beverages, crackers, and an espresso machine. No bathroom here either.
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