Hyatt and Gold Passport Glossary

Apr 12, 2011
Hyatt and Gold Passport Glossary
  • A glossary of terms used frequently in the Hyatt | Gold Passport forum on MilePoint.

    FFN (Faster Free Nights) - the "generic" name for a promotion that Hyatt has run (at least once - and twice in a couple of years) that gives one free night (redeemable at any Hyatt in the world) after 2 separate stays (at any Hyatt property in the chain). The promo sometimes has different names such as GWB (Great Welcome Back) or BWB (Big Welcome Back)

    GH (Grand Hyatt) - the term generally associated with Hyatt hotels above the level of Hyatt Regency but generally below the level of a Park Hyatt (PH). GH hotels will also have a Regency club. A good example of a GH would be the Grand Hyatt Kauai.

    Gx (G bonuses) - the "generic" name for usually stackable property specific bonuses that can add 1000 bonus points (G1), 2000 bonus points (G2) and 1500 bonus points (G3) for every stay at said property during the bonus promotion period. To find out if a property has a Gx bonus for a given stay, search the property on this page. Be sure to check the "Hyatt Gold Passport Offers" checkbox under Interests. Another way to check on Hyatt's own site if you already know which property you are interested in is to check the "Special Offers" tab on the property's Hyatt home page. MP member LIH Prem maintains a list here, nicely organized in spreadsheet form (Google Docs, so you access it via your web browser; no Excel needed). Another unofficial list (easier to use/search/scan for interesting offers) is maintained here.

    HP (Hyatt Place) - A budget-level Hyatt hotel, which is composed of mainly 1 bedroom mini-suites. No Regency Club at this level.

    HR (Hyatt Regency) - the most "common" mid-level Hyatt hotel. As the name implies, these hotels will have a Regency club. An example of an HR hotel would be the Hyatt Regency Maui.

    HVC (Hyatt Vacation Club) - Eight timeshares operated by Hyatt (7 in the continental US and one in Puerto Rico). Combined with the Hyatt Residence Club (HRC), the total number of properties are approximately 15. For more information, please see .

    PH (Park Hyatt) - The top-most level of hotel with Hyatt. An example of a PH hotel would be the Park Hyatt Dubai or the recently opened Park Hyatt Maldives.

    SS (Summerfield Suites) - the most economical-level Hyatt hotel, composed of 1 and 2 bedroom suites and free breakfasts included with all rates. No Regency Club availability.

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