Gogo Inflight Internet Promos

Sep 4, 2012
Gogo Inflight Internet Promos
  • Current promos for the Gogo Inflight Internet milepoint forum.

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    Current Gogo Inflight promotions | milepoint

    • Now through September 7, 2012, buy a pack of two Wi-Fi sessions before you fly for only $14.50 and use the sessions any time you fly on an aircraft equipped with Wi-Fi between August 31 - September 9, 2012.
    • Ongoing: 15% off a 24 hour pass when you buy before you fly
    Air Canada:
    • * on select flights operated with A319 aircraft while traveling over the United States.
    • * Gogo® is available on all AirTran flights departing from U.S. destinations. Additional information about staying connected while on AirTran can be found at airtran.com/wifi
    Alaska Airlines:
    • 15 minutes free through Aug 2012. (But reports are that this still worked at least through Sept 3.)
    • Available on almost all aircraft within lower 48 states and specific areas within Alaska. "Nine 737-400s, including our five 737 Combis, are not scheduled for Gogo installation. Additionally, Horizon Air and SkyWest Airlines aircraft are not scheduled for Gogo installation."
    American Airlines:
    • * on all B767-200 flights and select MD80 and B737 aircraft
    • $12 for 24-hour pass when booked through link found on delta.com.
    • $399.95 for the entire year.
    • Free access to Amazon.com while on Delta flights.
    • Available on over 700 aircraft. See website for details.
    • Ongoing: Frontier Traveler Pass is $24.95.
    • * Frontier Airlines offers Gogo on all Frontier Embraer Jets ERJ190.
    • N/A
    • * United only offers Gogo on p.s.® premium service transcontinental flights, which are available between New York (JFK) and both Los Angeles (LAX) and San Francisco (SFO).
    US Airways:
    • 8/15/12 - 9/11/12: 15 minutes of free Wi-Fi on all US Airways Gogo-equipped flights. Sponsored by Western Digital.
    • Ongoing: US Airways Traveler Pass is $24.95.
    • * US Airways offers Gogo® on A321 aircraft. "By late 2013 we’ll have Gogo on our Airbus A319, A320 and Embraer 190, 170 and 175 aircraft. We also have Gogo Vision, so you'll be able to download movies and TV shows in flight." A320's will begin getting Gogo in fall 2012. Official webpage.
    Virgin America:
    • N/A
    • * Virgin America now offers fleet-wide Gogo® online access.
    EXPIRED promos:
    • Expired. GoGo: Friday 9/2/2011 through Monday 9/5/2011, Gogo is offering a Labor Day weekend promotion. On short haul flights, you'll be able to pick our new Quick Pass 15 minute special for $1.95, and apply a $1.95 credit. On longer flights, the promotion takes $1.95 off the price of the flight pass. Once connected to Gogo on your plane, enter promotion code GOGOTRY on the payment page for the discounted price. (All airlines except United p.s. which has its own Sept promo below.)
    • Expired. Delta: Through Aug 21, 2011: courtesy of Diet Coke. Between now and Sunday August 21, you can get 30 minutes of free Gogo access on your flight. Limited to one free session per flight.
    • Expired Alaska: Aug - Sept 2011: Alaska Airlines Offers Free Wi-Fi on Smartphones through August and September.
    • Expired United: Sept 2011: Enjoy 30 minutes of @Gogo on @United p.s. aircraft in September, courtesy of@NYSE_Euronext and Bankrate.com. Happy travels *-)-
    • Expired Delta: Wifi introduced 9/7/2011 on the first CRJ700 with free GoGo on the inaugural flight(s).
    • Expired American: Aug 15 - Sept 15, 2011: Free Gogo session with AA Entertainment purchase | milepoint -- The code for a free session will be emailed to you, so it's not good for the flight on which you earn it. Code exp 12/31/2011.