Earning Miles on Aeroplan

Jul 21, 2015
Earning Miles on Aeroplan
  • This Wiki page provides information about earning and managing Aeroplan (Air Canada) miles using flights, travel and other methods.

    It is always recommended to carry your Aeroplan card with you. You never know when you may come across a retailer, gas station, etc. which is an Aeroplan partner and this will allow you to get more Aeroplan miles with ease.

    Air travel: Air Canada and Star Alliance(top)

    The traditional, and still the most common, method for earning Aeroplan miles is to fly on Air Canada or its Star Alliance partner airlines. (The Star Alliance FAQ (PDF File) is also a good reference in general.)

    For each flight, you will earn a number of miles based on the distance between the origin and destination of the flight. For flights on Air Canada, you can use the Air Canada timetable to determine the number of miles. Once you book a flight, the number of miles is typically also show on the e-ticket. For partner airlines, you can use a tool such as KVS Tool, ExpertFlyer, or that partner airline's web site, to determine the ticketed mileage.

    For itineraries with connecting flights, you will earn miles based on each individual flight segment's distance. However, for a direct flight that is not non-stop (a single flight number but with a stopover) the number of miles will not consider the stopover location.

    Mileage and booking classes(top)

    You will normally earn 100% of the miles described in the previous section. However, flights booked in a Tango booking class will only earn 25% mileage. Some flights to the "sun" destinations will earn 50% mileage. Tickets in J will earn a class-of-service bonus of 50% in addition to the standard mileage.

    When upgrading using eUpgrade credits you will recieve the mileage appropriate for your original booking class. The same applies when purchasing a Last Minute Upgrade (LMU).

    See the booking class guide for details on mileage earned in each booking class.

    Bonuses for elite status(top)

    Air Canada top-tier members have the option of selecting a bonus as part of the elite benefits: 25% for Prestige, 50% for Elite and 100% for Super Elite. See the Air Canada elite status page for additional details.

    Maximizing miles earned(top)

    Creative routings that increase mileage on domestic travel are very hard to come by on Air Canada. Part of the reason for this is that adding connections will usually end up in only slightly more miles due to the primarily east-west nature of the domestic routes. Take for instance a direct YYZ-YVR (2078 miles). You could change it to YYZ-YWG-YVR (933 + 1158 = 2091 miles) which is a negligible increase.

    During 2014 and previous years, one way to increase mileage effectively is to make a connection to a segment that awards the minimum 500 miles. Instead of travelling YYZ-YEG (1670 miles) you could travel YYZ-YYC-YEG (1670 + 500 = 2170 miles). This works well when adding connections such as YYC-YEG, YVR-YYJ, YYZ-YOW, YYZ-YUL, and YOW-YUL. Note that as of March 1st, 2015, the minimum mileage benefit has been reduced to 250 miles per segment for all Altitude members.

    Determining miles owed(top)

    This Google spreadsheet has a large matrix of city pairs and the confirmed mileage awarded for them.

    Other ways to earn miles(top)

    To locate an Aeroplan partner near you, use the Partner Locator.

    Other travel(top)

    We all travel, and during our travels we have the ability to gain Aeroplan miles in a number of different ways

    Banking and financial services(top)

    A number of options exist for you to earn Aeroplan miles through financial institutions, credit cards, etc.

    Banking services(top)

    CIBC provides a couple of options for you to earn Aeroplan miles. The first is the AeroMortgage where you can earn miles as you pay down your mortgage, plus get a one-time Sign-Up Bonus of 15,000. The second is the CIBC Unlimited Chequing Account where you get a welcome bonus when opening an account and monthly miles on eligible transactions.

    Credit and charge cards(top)

    There are quite a few credit and charge cards that provide options to gain Aeroplan miles for using the card on eligible purchases. For the current list, please see the Aeroplan website here.

    In addition, some other charge cards allow you to convert their membership points to Aeroplan miles.
    CIBC and American Express both have this option with some of their cards.

    Other points conversion(top)

    In addition to the credit and charge cards above, you can also convert hotel points from a list of programs to Aeroplan miles. This can also be done through eligible partners through Points.com. More information on trading miles with Points.com can be found here on the Aeroplan website.


    You have the ability to gain Aeroplan miles by getting insurance coverage with a number of eligible partners. For information on these partners, please see the Aeroplan website here.

    Retail partners and more(top)

    Aeroplan has a large number of retail partners from bookstores, to real estate, to gas, to flowers and gifts. For the most up-to-date listing, please see the Aeroplan website here.

    In addition to shopping at or using the retail partners above, you can also gain Aeroplan miles by going to your normal shopping websites through the Aeroplan eStore.

    Buying Aeroplan miles(top)

    You are able to purchase Aeroplan miles at time of booking to top up the miles you need for your travel.

    Managing your miles(top)

    Once you've decided on how to earn Aeroplan miles, you should get into the habit of verifying that your earnings have been credited correctly.

    Checking your mileage balance and mileage expiry profile(top)

    You can find out your current mileage balance and your history (including both earnings and redemptions) by logging into the Aeroplan web site and checking your account page.

    Ensuring your miles don't expire(top)

    All the Aeroplan miles in your account will expire after one year of inactivity: to keep your account active, you will need to either earn or redeem some miles. If you are not flying, consider using earning method such as gas or grocery purchases to maintain activity in your account. You can check the current expiry of your miles due to inactivity by logging into your Aeroplan account and going to your Personal Profile section

    Home > Your Account > Your Info > About You > Account Expiry Date

    You will also see this when you log into your account and go to Your Account. On that page you will see and entry for your current mileage expiry due to inactivity.

    Account Expiry Status

    Seven-year mileage redemption Request mileage status [​IMG]
    12-month expiry date: October 15, 2012 [​IMG]

    Prior to mid-2013, miles would also expire seven years after they were originally earned. This policy was revoked on June 27th, 2013.

    You can request your status and you will get an email back from Aeroplan similar to this one. Note the quarterly expiries.

    Dear xxx,

    Mileage Expiry Policy

    In addition to the seven-year mileage redemption policy, Aeroplan also has a 12-month mileage expiry policy. In order to keep your Aeroplan Account active and to avoid the expiration of all miles in the account, you must make at least one qualifying transaction every 12 months. Qualifying transactions include earning, redeeming, sharing and donating miles. According to the 12-month mileage expiry policy, Aeroplan will expire all miles if more than 12 months have passed from the date of the last qualifying activity.

    You can learn more about Aeroplan's 12-month mileage expiry policy here or visit aeroplan.com for more information.

    We encourage you to use your miles on a vacation, brand-name merchandise, gift cards from your favourite stores and so much more. When it comes to redeeming, you've got options.

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