Charity Event Auctions

Jan 1, 2012
Charity Event Auctions
  • This page will provide descriptions and links to all of the charity auctions being held in advance for special experiences on the oneworld Mega Do.

    Water Evacuation at DFW
    You’ve heard it 1000 times…
    “Pull the loose strap until the vest fits snugly. As you leave the aircraft, inflate the vest by pulling down firmly on the red tabs.”

    But could you lead a couple hundred passengers through what comes next? Here’s your chance to find out! Bring a change of clothes and be prepared to get wet. The winners of this Komen fundraiser will have the opportunity to test their skills staying afloat!

    We have 40 slots for people to do this activity at the CR Smith Flight Academy while their fellow-OWMDers look on.

    Get to participate in a water evacuation. They might even heat up the water for you, but no guarantees!

    We'll take the 40 highest bids, with all the proceeds going to Susan G. Komen for the Cure.

    Minimum bid is $40. We don't have an exact time for the end of this auction, but we expect it to be approximately January 8th.

    Keep an eye on the second post for updates on who has a winning bid.