Basic Guide to Earning Miles

Apr 11, 2011
Basic Guide to Earning Miles
  • Earning miles can be

    Why Earn Miles

    Conventional Ways to Earn Miles
    Conventionally miles can be earned by flying. You would take a flight and these flights would give your "flying miles" or elite miles. These miles usually expire every year.

    Unconventional Ways to Earn Miles
    There are many many ways to earn miles without ever flying or without even getting in a plane. From credit cards to just visiting for a laser surgery consultation, there are many ways to earn miles. Here are few such ways:
    1. Credit Card Offers
    2. Responding to Surveys
    3. Online Shopping
    4. Consultations - Once in a while you would get
    5. Buying Miles with Bonus Offer - Buy
    6. Car Rentals