American Airlines and AAdvantage Glossary

Dec 13, 2011
American Airlines and AAdvantage Glossary
  • American Airlines | AAdvantage Forum Terms:

    A = Inventory class for award or SWU upgrade to First Class
    AA = American Airlines or AAdvantage (contextual)
    AATMS = Advanced Air Traffic Management System
    AC = Admirals Club lounges (also Aircraft; or a/c)
    ACARS = Aircraft Communication Addressing and Reporting System
    ACAS = Airborne Collision Avoidance System
    ACMI = Aircraft lease with Aircraft, Crew, Maintenance and Insurance
    AD = Airworthiness Directive, an FAA rule regarding specific aircraft safety issues
    ADC = Air Data Computer
    ADS = Automatic Dependant Surveillance, advanced GPS based navigation system
    ADT = Adult Passenger
    AFS = American Flagship Service
    aft = rear of aircraft
    AFTN = Aeronautical Fixed Telecommunication Network
    AG = AAdvantage Gold (also GLD)
    AHRS = Attitude and Heading Reference Systems
    AONE = oneworld explorer ticket in First
    Arpey = Gerard J. Arpey, retired Chairman and CEO, AMR Corp. and American Airlines
    ARINC - Aeronautical Radio, Inc.
    ASM = Available Seat Mile
    ASR = Advance Seat Reservation / Airport Surveillance Radar
    ATC = Air Traffic Control
    ATI = Anti-Trust Immunity
    ATO = Airport Ticket Office
    ATPCO = Airline Tariff Publishing Company)
    AVML = Asian Vegetarian (Non-Dairy) Meal (only available to/from Delhi, India)
    AVOD = Audio / Video On Demand (form of Inflight Entertainment)

    BC = Business Class
    BIS = "Butt In Seat" miles (gained by actual flying)
    bistro bag = coach bag lunches retrieved from carts upon boarding (obsolete)
    BOB = Buy on Board; see FFS
    BOGO / BOGOF = Buy One Get One Free
    booking / fare class = inventory class into which a reservation is booked
    BP = Boarding Pass
    BT = Bulk Ticket
    bulkhead = "wall" separating fuselage sections

    C = Inventory class for award or SWU upgrade to Business Class (or Business Class cabin on some airlines; see also J)
    C01 – C17 = Child passenger and age code
    CAS = Crew Alerting System (in aircraft cockpit)
    CASM = Cost per Available Seat Mile
    CB = Cumulonimbus clouds
    cheatline = the colored line often extending down the fuselage or an aircraft
    Circle Pacific = a discounted oneworld product allowing that routing
    city pairs = airports considered the same for fare construction purposes
    CIR = Circle Pacific, class precedes, MPM follows, e.g. DCIR22
    co-terminals = airports considered the same for standby and similar procedures
    ConciergeKey / CK = Invitation-only premium service for the most valued AA customers
    CONUS = Continental United States (contiguous 48 states)
    COS = Class Of Service (referring to cabin service class)
    CPM = Cost Per Mile
    CSA = Customer Service Agent
    CSR = Customer Service Representative
    CX = cancellation or canceled (also Cathay Pacific Airways)

    direct flight = flies with one or more stops, possibly even change of aircraft (see also non-stop flight)
    DBML = Diabetic Meal (not available on all flights)
    DONE = oneworld explorer ticket in Business
    DSR = PALL List code for passenger desiring to purchase next higher class of service

    ECAM = Electronic Centralised Aircraft Monitor, same as EICAS, preferred Airbus version
    EFIS = Electronic Flight Instrument System
    EICAS = Engine Indicating and Crew Alerting System (heart of the "glass cockpit") same as ECAM
    Emerald = oneworld equivalent of AAdvantage Executive Platinum
    EP = AAdvantage Executive Platinum (also EXP)
    EQM = Elite Qualifying Mile (mileage credit used to determine elite status)
    EQP = Elite Qualifying Point (alternative point credit used to determine elite status)
    EQS = Elite Qualifying Segment (alternative flight segment credit used to determine elite status)
    ETA = Estimated Time of Arrival
    ETD = Estimated Time of Departure
    ETOPS = Extended-range Twin-engine Operational Performance Standards
    EXP = AAdvantage Executive Platinum (mainly used on FlyerTalk; also EP)
    EXP line = dedicated help desk for Executive Platinum flyers
    eUPG = Electronic Upgrade
    eVIP = electronic VIP upgrade "certificate", now Systemwide Upgrade (also SWU)

    F = First Class cabin (also Inventory class for full fare First Class ticket)
    FA = Flight Attendant
    FAM = Federal Air Marshall
    FC = First Class
    FCC = usually, Flight Connections Centre at London Heathrow Airport
    FEBO = Front Even, Back Odd (sequence in which meal orders are taken on most AA flights)
    FFS = Food for Sale program in American Airlines domestic Coach
    FL = Flagship Lounge (or Flagship, contextual)
    FO = First Officer (“copilot”; see also PF and PNF)
    FOP = Form Of Payment
    forward = front of aircraft
    FQTR = Frequent Traveler Redemption (on BA)
    FQTV = Frequent Traveler (on BA)
    FT = FlyerTalk

    GA = Gate Agent
    gate lice = passengers with low boarding priority who crowd the gate area before being called
    GDS = Global Distribution System
    Gerard Aprey = Gerard J. Aprey, retired Chairman and CEO, AMR Corp. and American Airlines
    GFML = Gluten-Free Meal (not available on all flights)
    GLD = AAdvantage Gold (also AG)
    GMT = Greenwich Mean Time, used for some airline and military operations (see UTC, Zulu Time)
    Gogo = Inflight wi-fi provider available on certain aircraft
    Gold line = phone number for GLD elite members placing them higher in the queue to reach an AA customer service representative (not a separate desk)
    GPS = Global Positioning System (satellite based navigation system)
    GV x = Passengers must travel together, x = number of pax

    heavy = larger aircraft (767, 777, 747, A330, A340, A380), also used by ATC for the 757 due to its wake turbulence
    HUD = Head-Up Display

    IAS = Indicated Air Speed (usually in knots)
    IDB = Involuntarily Denied Boarding (involuntary bump)
    IFE = In Flight Entertainment (also AVOD)
    IFR = Instrument Flight Rules
    IFS = International Flagship Service
    IFSD - In Flight Shut Down (usually relating to an engine)
    IROPS/ IRROPS = Irregular Operations due to weather, mechanical, crew, etc. (AA uses OSO)
    ISIC = International Student Identity Card (12 or older currently enrolled as a full-time degree-seeking student at an accredited institution)
    ITA = ITAsoftware search engine for airline itineraries (also Anti-Trust Immunity)
    ITIC = International Teacher Identity Card (Teaching > 18 hrs / wk at an accredited institution, min 1 yr employment.
    IYTC = International Youth Travel Card (age 12 - 25)

    J = Business class cabin (also Inventory class for full fare Business Class ticket)
    JBV = Joint Business Venture
    JCB = (Adult) Contract Bulk passenger
    Jim Wilson = human remains traveling in the cargo hold ("Jim Wilson Air Tray" is an air casket)
    JPML = Japanese Meal (only available to/from Japan)

    kiosk = Self-Service Check-in Machine
    knot / kt / kn = unit of speed, one nautical mile per hour (≈1.15 mph)
    KSML = Kosher Meal (not available on all flights)
    KUP = lower priced fare booking directly into next class of service (also YUP; receives BA F status credit!)

    LEO = Law Enforcement Officer
    LFBU = Load Factor Based Upgrade sold at self-service check-in kiosk
    LIFO = Last In, First Out
    LONE = oneworld explorer ticket in Coach
    LRTC = Less Room Throughout Coach (unofficial), followed MRTC

    MCLA = Mexico, Caribbean and Latin America
    MCO = Miscellaneous Charges Order (a kind of voucher)
    MEL = Minimum Equipment List (list of equipment allowed inoperative not affecting flight safety)
    midcon = flight that flies mid-continent, e.g. ORD-JFK or DFW-LAX
    MIL = Military Passenger
    MOML = Moslem Meal (not available on all flights)
    MP = MilePoint
    MPM = Maximum Permitted Mileage
    MR = Mileage Run (trip planned primarily to earn miles, at a cheap rate)
    MRTC = More Room Throughout Coach (obsolete)
    MTOW = Maximum Take Off Weight (aircraft)
    MX = mechanical delay (also Mexicana Airlines)

    NGBC = [Next Generation Business Class (AA) | Next Generation Business Class] angled lie-flat seats on certain aircraft
    NGSA = Next Generation Single Aisle
    non-stop flight - flies from origin to destination with no stops (see also direct flight)
    NOTAM = NOTice to AirMen (voice or teletype information of interest to pilots)
    NRSA / non-rev = Non-Revenue Space Available flyer, often an airline employee traveling on personal business

    O&D = Origin and Destination
    OAG = Official Airline Guide
    OH, OHB = OverHead Bin
    OLCI = On Line Check-In
    OP = Original Poster (on FlyerTalk)
    Op Up = Operational Upgrade
    ORC = Original Routing Credit (on FlyerTalk)
    OSO = Off-Schedule Operations (see IROPS / IRROPS)
    OW = oneworld Alliance (also one-way trip)
    OWE = oneworld Explorer (RTW) fare - prefixed with cabin class code, followed by # of continents - e.g. DONE4

    PAWOB = Passenger Without Bags (whoops, you do not want to be in this crowd!)
    PDB = Pre-Departure Beverage, often alcoholic
    PED = Personal Entertainment Device
    PF = Pilot Flying
    PFD = Primary Flight Display or Personal Flotation Device (contextual)
    PIC = Pilot In Command
    PNF = Pilot Not Flying
    PIC = Pilot In Command (see also SIC)
    PIREPS = Pilot Reports
    pitch = aircraft angle of rotation about horizontal left-to-right axis or motion about that axis; moves nose up or down
    PL = AAdvantage Platinum (also PLT)
    PLT / Plat = AAdvantage Platinum (also PL)
    Platinum line = phone number for PLT elite members placing them higher in the queue to reach an AA customer service representative (not a separate desk)
    PNR = Passenger Name Record, the "airline record" of your booking, usually 5 or 6 characters and airline specific
    port = left side of aircraft when facing forward
    PPR = "paper," an edit used to assure an op up doesn't automatically draw upgrade instruments, usually used by the GA
    PQ = Price Quote
    PTA = Prepaid Ticket Advice
    PYOB = Print Your Own Boarding Pass

    R = Inventory class for sticker or EXP upgrade to Business Class
    RASM = Revenue per Available Seat Mile
    RDM = Redeemable Mile (miles from any source; can be redeemed for awards)
    RI = Revenue Involuntary; PALL List code for involuntary standby passenger due to OSO
    RJ = Regional Jet (also Royal Jordanian Airlines)
    RM = Revenue Management
    Roger = acknowledgment used in radio communications (''e.g.'', with control tower), confirming receipt of last message
    roll = aircraft angle of rotation about longitudinal axis or motion about that axis; tilts wings left or right
    RON = Remain Over Night
    ROW = Roswell Industrial Air Center, NM "the boneyard" where old aircraft go - formerly Walker Air Force Base
    RPM = Revenue Passenger Mile
    RT = Round Trip
    RTW = Round The World (ticket, fare or desk arranging same)
    Ruby = oneworld equivalent of AAdvantage Gold
    Rule 240 = Airline's domestic reaccommodation policy (AA: US, Canada, Puerto Rico, USVI)
    Rule 80 = Airline's international reaccommodation policy
    RV = Revenue Voluntary; PALL List code for voluntary standby passenger

    SAC = Special Assistance Coordinator
    Sapphire = oneworld equivalent of AAdvantage Platinum
    SATA = Student Air Travel Association
    SDR = Special Drawing Rights (international currency code XDR)
    SELCAL = Selective-Calling system (usually signal for messaging from operator to aircraft)
    SIC = Second In Command (see also PIC; also Seat In Coach)
    SIF = Selective Identification Feature (aircraft-based transponder signal)
    SPML = Special Meal (not available on all flights)
    SPCCR = Self-Policing Community Closure Rule, used by some on this forum for proposing ignoring a thread
    SRC = Senior Citizen Passenger
    SSSS - Selected for Secondary Security Screening (on USA BP - TSA Security will give you an extra lookover))
    STC = Supplemental Type Certificate (FAA approval doc for aircraft modifications, changes or additions)
    STD = Scheduled Time of Departure
    STPC = Stopover Paid By Carrier
    starboard = right side of aircraft when facing forward
    sticker = 500 mile upgrade instrument (used to be actual stickers)
    SUD = Boeing 747 Stretched Upper Deck (2nd or upper deck)
    SWU = Systemwide Upgrade electronic certificate (previously eVIP)

    TA = Ticket Agent (also Travel Agent)
    TAS = True Air Speed (usually in knots)
    TATL = Transatlantic (also transat)
    TCAS = Traffic Alert and Collision Avoidance System
    TCP = Traveling together
    TPAC / Transpac = Transpacific (also transpac)
    TTL = Ticketing Time Limit
    transcon = flight crossing U.S. coast-to-coast (Atlantic & Pacific coasts)

    UM or UMNR = Unaccompanied Minor (14 or under, optional 16 or 17)
    UPG / UG = UpGrade
    US = Unserviceable / out of service
    UTC = Universal Coordinated Time (see GMT, Zulu Time)

    VCR = Virtual Coupon Record
    VDB = Voluntary Denied Boarding (voluntary bump)
    VFR = Visual Flight Rules
    VGML = Vegetarian (Non-Dairy) Meal (actually vegan; not available on all flights)
    VIP / VIPOW = VIP upgrade "certificate", now Systemwide Upgrade (also SWU)

    Wi-Fi lice = non-lounge users who hang out near lounges to use WiFi signals
    Wilco = "Will Comply," occasionally used in radio communications (''e.g.'', with control tower)
    WL = Wait List

    X = Inventory class for sticker or EXP upgrade to First Class

    Y = Economy / coach cabin (also Inventory class for full fare Economy / Coach Class ticket)
    yaw = aircraft angle of rotation about vertical axis or motion about that axis; moves nose left or right
    YM = Yield Management (obsolete, now called Revenue Management or RM)
    YMMV = Your Mileage May Vary
    YRT = One year ticket
    YUP = lower priced fare booking directly into next class of service (also KUP)

    Zulu Time = see GMT, UTC

    Common Internet Abbreviations
    AFAIK = As Far As I Know
    FWIW = For What It's Worth
    IIRC = If I Recall Correctly
    IME = In My Experience
    IMO / IMHO = In My (Humble) Opinion
    LOL = Laugh(ing) Out Loud
    OTOH = On The Other Hand
    ROFL / ROTFL = Rolling On (The) Floor Laughing

    AA Aircraft Designations
    The following designations are used on For full details and other abbreviations, see Planes and Seats.

    Mainline Aircraft
    738 = Boeing 737-823
    38D = Boeing 737-823 (new configuration, entered service 2009-2011, not designated separately on
    752 = Boeing 757-223
    75L = Boeing 757-223 (international configuration, entered service 2009-2010, not designated separately on
    762 = Boeing 767-223ER
    763 = Boeing 767-323ER
    777 = Boeing 777-223ER/IGW (also 772)
    M80, M83 = McDonnell Douglas MD-80 series (also MD80, S80, "Mad Dog")
    AB6 = Airbus A300B4-605R (no longer in service)

    Regional Aircraft
    AT7 = ATR 72-212
    CR7 = Canadair CRJ-701
    ER3 = Embraer ERJ-135LR
    ERD = Embraer ERJ-140LR
    ER4 = Embraer ERJ-145LR
    SF3 = Saab 340B (no longer in service)

    oneworld Alliance Airlines
    oneworld Members and Affiliates
    AA/AAL = American Airlines
    MQ/EGF = American Eagle
    RP/CHQ = AmericanConnection
    AY/FIN = Finnair
    BA/BAW = British Airways
    CJ/CFE = BA CityFlyer
    MN/CAW = Comair (South Africa)
    EZ/SUS = Sun-Air of Scandinavia (Denmark)
    CX/CPA = Cathay Pacific Airways (Hong Kong, China)
    KA/HDA = Dragonair as of 1 Nov 2007
    IB/IBE = IBERIA (Spain)
    YW/ANE = Air Nostrum
    JL/JAL = Japan Airlines
    JC/JEX = JAL Express
    XM/JLJ = J-AIR
    NU/JTA = Japan Transocean Air
    LA/LAN = LAN Airlines (Chile)
    4M/DSM = LAN Argentina
    XL/LNE = LAN Ecuador
    LU/LXP = LAN Express (Chile)
    LP/LPE = LAN Peru
    MA/MAH = Malév Hungarian
    MX/MXA = Mexicana as of 9 Nov 2009 (''ceased operations 28 Aug 2010'' - may reactivate ~Jun 2011)
    QA/CBE = MexicanaClick
    I6/MXI = MexicanaLink
    QF/QFA = Qantas (Australia)
    QF/QLK = QantasLink
    QF/QNZ = JetConnect (New Zealand)
    RJ/RJA = Royal Jordanian
    S7/SBI = S7 Airlines (Russia) as of 15 Nov 2010
    GH/GLP = Globus

    N.B.: Aer Lingus (EI) has departed oneworld; Swiss International Air Lines (LX) and Turkish Airlines (TK) were never members.

    Incoming oneworld Members
    IT/KFR = Kingfisher Airlines (India)
    AB/BER = airberlin (Germany)
    HG/NLY = Niki (Austria)

    AAdvantage Partner Airlines (non-oneworld)
    FJ/FJI = Air Pacific
    TN/THT = Air Tahiti Nui (award redemption only)
    AS/ASA = Alaska Airlines
    QX/QXE = Horizon Air
    SN/BEL = Brussels Airlines (discontinued. Ticketed award valid till June 29, 2011)
    LY/ELY = EL AL
    G3/GLO = GOL
    GF/GFA = Gulf Air
    HA/HAL = Hawaiian Airlines
    9W/JAI = Jet Airways
    B6/JBU = JetBlue