American Airlines and AAdvantage FAQ

Feb 22, 2011
American Airlines and AAdvantage FAQ
  • Frequently Asked Questions
    1. I haven't flown AA before, where do I start?
      Go to the Flying, Planes and Seats, and Class of Service pages for tips.
    2. What is the AAdvantage program and what's the big deal about elite status?
      Read the AAdvantage Program Basics and Elite Status pages for information on AA's frequent flyer program and elite benefits.
    3. Does AA offer status matches for elites from other airlines?
      Generally no, but you can do a Challenge to get elite status quickly.
    4. Where can I find information about booking a complex award flight using miles (stopover, open-jaw, or partner)?
      Go to the Award Travel Stopover/Transit Rules page.
    5. How can I upgrade my Economy ticket to First or Business Class?
      Read about all of your options on the Upgrades page.
    6. Will my fare earn mileage? Is it upgradeable? How can I tell if upgrades are available on my flight?
      For all the details, see Inventory Classes and Mileage Eligibility.
    7. Will I have enough time to make my connection?
      Check the Minimum Connecting Times table.
    8. I've never been to this airport, what is the AA terminal like?
      Find out more in the Airports section.
    9. Is there a premium or elite security line at my airport?
      Check the Elite Security Lines page.
    10. Will I have lounge access?
      Get the details on AA and oneworld Lounge Access Rules.
    11. I'm on the airport standby list...what are my chances?
      Read how Standby Priority is determined on the PALL List.
    12. Will my plane have Next Generation Business Class seats? What are they like?
      Check the Next Generation Business Class page for the latest information.
    13. What other in-flight amenities will I receive?
      Read more about Planes and Seats, Inflight Entertainment, and Inflight Wi-Fi access on certain planes.
    14. Something went wrong - can I get some compensation?
      Check out the Compensation article and find out how to Contact American Airlines
    15. I got a voucher! Now, how can I use it?
      For all of your options, read the Vouchers page.
    16. What's the difference between miles and points? What are EQP, EQM, and RDM? How are they calculated?
      Get all the details on the Miles and Points page.
    17. How can I prevent my miles from expiring? I need 772 more miles for an AAward - what can I do?
      The Non-Air Mileage page has some ideas on easy mileage earning strategies!
    18. Whoa - what are those weird acronyms that people are using?
      Browse the Flyerguide AA Glossary.
    19. What food and drink will I find in a domestic AA Admirals Club?
      Domestic Admirals Clubs offer complimentary house brand hard liquor with accompany mixers, one or two domestic beer option, sodas, coffee and tea. The food options generally are a light snack that might consist of pretzels mixed with other tidbits. Some lounges will have additional limited food items depending on the time of day such as small muffins at breakfast. Better quality liquor is available for sale, as well as expanded food options.
    20. Will I have access to the AA Admirals Club?
      Browse the Flyerguide Lounge (AA) page.