Air Canada Glossary

Aug 9, 2015
Air Canada Glossary
  • This is a glossary of some common names, terms and abbreviations you may see on the Air Canada Aeroplan forum on MilePoint. See also the MilePoint glossary page for general terminology.

    *A: Star Alliance
    *G: Star Alliance gold status
    *S: Star Alliance silver status
    AC: Air Canada
    A/C: Aircraft
    AE: Aeroplan
    Aerolotto: Colloquial term for upgrades processed at the gate
    Amigos (aka Three Amigos): 767-300ER Aircraft with domestic Y and domestic J seats. These aircraft do not feature the new XM interior. See AC fleet Wiki for more detail.
    AP: Aeroplan
    Calin Rovinescu: Air Canada CEO
    E: Elite status
    eUpgrade: Electronic upgrade
    F: First class (not offered by Air Canada)
    FA: Flight attendant
    FIN: Fleet Identification Number (found on the tail fin and front landing gear door)
    GA: Gate agent
    IRROPS: Irregular Operations (typically weather or mechanical issues)
    J: Executive First or business class
    LMU: Last-minute (paid) upgrade
    Mini-RTW: Mini-Round-the-World trip (see redeeming miles on AC)
    MLL: Maple Leaf Lounge
    Open Jaw: A stopover with arrival/departure in two different but nearby cities
    OLCI: Online Check-In
    Op-up: Operational upgrade
    P: Prestige status
    Pax: Passengers
    RTW: Round-the World trip
    SE: Super Elite status
    Service Director: The lead FA, responsible for the cabin crew
    Senioritas (aka Taco Hell Twins): A319s that were returned to AC from Mexicana bankruptcy. These aircraft are in all Y configuration with 132 seats. These aircraft do not feature the new XM interior. See AC fleet Wiki for more detail.
    SM: Status Miles
    TATL: Transatlantic flight
    Top Tier: Collectively, the Prestige, Elite and Super Elite status levels
    TPAC: Transpacific flight
    Transborder: Flight between Canada and United States
    UA: United Airlines (a partner of Air Canada)
    WS: WestJet (a competitor of Air Canada)
    XM: An interior upgrade that has been performed to nearly all of Air Canada's fleet
    Y: Economy class

    And some key Canadian airport codes you will see in frequent use:

    YAG: Fort Francis
    YAM: Sault Ste Marie

    YBL: Campbell River

    YCD: Nanaimo (Cassidy)

    YFC: Fredericton

    YHZ: Halifax

    YKA: Kamloops


    Fort McMurray

    YQB: Quebec City
    YQM: Moncton
    YQQ: Comox
    YQG: Windsor
    YQR: Regina
    YQT: Thunder Bay
    YQU: Grande Prairie


    Toronto City Airport



    YWG: Winnipeg

    YXC: Cranbrook
    YXE: Saskatoon
    YXJ: Fort St. John
    YXU: London, ON
    YXY: Whitehorse

    YYB: North Bay
    YYC: Calgary
    YYF: Penticton
    YYG: Charlottetown
    YYJ: Victoria
    YYQ: Churchill
    YYR: Goose Bay
    YYT: Saint John's
    YYZ: Toronto

    YZF: Yellowknife

    A list of other Canadian airport codes.