Accor A-Club FAQ

Mar 24, 2012
Accor A-Club FAQ
  • Accor A-Club FAQ

    The Help Guide is maintained by milepoint members like yourself. If you find something that needs to be corrected, please do so. And if the Help Guide is missing information, please feel free to add it.

    Joining A-club(top)

    How do I join A-club?

    You can join the program by either;
    Are signup bonuses available?

    Ensure you refer to the bonus opportunities page before joining, as there may be signup bonuses available to accelerate your A-club rewards.

    Earning points(top)

    A full overview on points earning is covered on the Earning page.

    Do bonus points count towards status qualification?

    Yes. Unlike some programs, bonus points earned from any advertised promotions will count towards your status qualification levels.

    Eg; You are a classic member with 500 points. You stay at a property on a rate plan where you earn 1000 base points, and also qualifies for an advertised 2x point promotion. You will earn 2000 points for the stay, brining your total to 2500 and qualifying for Silver.

    Do I earn status bonuses on top of any acceptible promotional bonuses?

    The terms and conditions of the program are understandibly vague on this question.

    Therefore, until examples can be demonstrated otherwise - we assume that status bonuses are earned on base spend only.

    Are the additional opportunities to earn A-Club points?

    Yes. There are selected global and regional parters where you have the opportunity to earn additional A-club points.

    Information on partner earning opportunities are available from the program partners page of the A-club website.

    Missing points(top)

    How do I report/claim missing points?

    Missing points must be claimed through the A-Club website, and you will need a scan, PDF or photograph of your hotel folio to file a claim.

    To make your claim, login to the A-Club website, and select Customer service > Claim points.

    At the completion of the process, you will receive an email confirmation. Keep this confirmation handy, as if your points are not credited, you can quote this when you call/emaill for follow-up, and will save you from re-sending the documentation.

    I need a copy of my folio for a missing points claim - how do I get one?

    Copies of your guest folio must be requested through the property, and are best done by email.

    To find the email address for the property in question, visit the Accor Hotels website, and search for your hotel using the Find a hotel tab (only enter the location, no need to select dates).

    Once you have found your property and brought up the page, and look down the right hand side until you see contact the hotel, and the email address for the property will be displayed there.

    Excluded properties(top)

    Are there properties at which I cannot earn A-Club points/receive A-Club benefits?

    Sadly yes. The current list of properties that do not participate in A-Club are available here.

    If you are searching via the Accor website and logged in with your A-Club membership, you will see a notification if a property does not earn points/offer benefits. This will be designated by the following graphic icon:



    How can I find what offers are available?

    A full list of offers is available from the A-club website.

    When booking rooms via Accor's website, you will generally receive an indication if bonus points are available at your selected hotel on the chosen rate plan.

    A-club vs. Airlines/Other programs(top)

    Should I always credit my Accor stays to A-Club?

    Depending on where you are staying in the world and your primary loyalty goals, No.

    The key influencing factors on your answer depend on:
    • Are you looking to attain or retain loyalty with the program,
    • how many points you would earn if you credited directly to your program of choice, and
    • what is the conversion rate for transfers from A-club to your program of choice.
    Before choosing to earn points with A-Club, make sure to compare up what you may earn if you were to go directly to your preferred airline or other program. In some cases, earning rates can be far more favourable going direct to airline programs rather than through A-club.

    Earning rates for your program of choice can also vary between countries, thus influencing where you choose to credit your points.

    How do I make a comparison?

    For an apples for apples comparison, the following formula will help you do it:

    [(Base points + Bonus points) + ((Base points + Bonus points) * Status multiplier)] / Conversion ratio = Points to airline/other program

    Now, let's explain this

    1. Base and bonuses: Total rack rate or estimated spend (in EUR or USD, depending on property) TIMES two (base earning rate) TIMES acceptible property/promotional bonuses.
    2. Status bonus points: Base points TIMES Status bonus percentage (0.5 for silver, 0.75 gold, 1.0 for platinum)
    3. Total points: Base and bonuses PLUS Status bonus points
    4. Conversion total: Total points DIVIDED by airline/program conversion ratio.
    You can now use this conversion total to compare against the number of points received if crediting direct to a specific program.

    The example below shows how QFF members are better off crediting stays outside of Australia to A-club.

    Members of the Qantas Frequent Flyer (QFF) program earn 3pts/dollar spend for stays within Australia. On this rate, and considering points are awarded based on EUR/USD spend, they often receive a better return crediting these stay directly to Qantas.

    For stays overseas, the complete opposite can often apply. For stays outside Australia crediting directly to QFF, members only earn a fixed 600pts for the entire stay. In this case, it is more valuable for the member to credit stays to A-Club as they will receive a far greater number of A-club points which can later be transferred to QFF at a 1:1 ratio.

    Redeeming points(top)

    Where can I redeem points?

    Information on options for points redemption can be found on the Redeeming points page.

    What can I redeem points for?

    Your points can be redeem for hotel vouchers, airline or non-airline partner points, retail expenditure, or donations to A-club's specified charity.

    Again, for full information on what and how to redeem points - please refer to the redeeming points page.

    What airlines can I transfer my points to?

    A full list of airlines and conversion rates for points transfers is available from the A-club website.

    Customer service(top)

    Where can I find customer support numbers?

    A full list of regional customer support numbers is available from the A-Club website.

    Customer service lines are open Monday to Saturday, from 0800 to 1800 in the local time of the area in which the call centre is operated.


    Is Accor contactable via twitter?

    Yes. A full list of Accor office twitter accounts & hotel accounts can be found by visiting:!/thewinchesterau/lists/hotels-accor

    You can find and follow individual hotels by browsing the above list, or you can also subscribe to a single daily update covering all content published from participating A-club properties from around the world.

    To view the daily updates or subscribe, visit:

    Should I contact Accor via twitter for customer service issues?

    For urgent issues, absolutely not. For non-urgent issues, yes.

    From expeirence, Accor twitter accounts are not responsive enough to be relied on for urgent assistance, and customer feedback issues which require proper attention. If you have issues of this nature, you are best to either contact the Hotel's Manager, or the customer service centre for your country.