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Updates to United Expert Mode Plus  

Wandering Aramean

Looking for more and better details on fare class availability from United Airlines’ website? I’ve updated my Expert Mode+ browser extension to fix a couple bugs and add new features. Version 7.4.0 is now available on the Chrome Store or as a direct download for other browsers.

There are two main fixes loaded into this version. Previously on trips with multi-carrier itineraries things got wonky and inventory would sometimes be assigned to the wrong itinerary in the highlighted display. Also, when one or more types of service are sold out the old version did a horrible job of handling that (i.e. it didn’t) and just put the fare class in the first column. The latest update now makes sure the fare info goes in the correct columns. Finally, as a UI enhancement if it is a multi-segment itinerary the highlighted inventory will now show for each segment. This is more relevant now that the United website is building more itineraries without married-segment pricing and inventory restrictions.

Note the proper representation of sold out cabins in the fare class details.

Multi-segment itineraries now show details properly for each segment without expanding

Make sure you’ve enabled the expert mode feature on your account and that you’re fully logged in to the site (not just half logged in) so the full features are available.

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Posted : August 11, 2016 7:53 pm