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Hotel Hustle Help for IHG Accelerate Promo  

Wandering Aramean

Looking for cheap hotel rates to help pad your IHG Accelerate promo numbers? Thanks to the many users of Hotel Hustle I’ve got a lot of data around where rooms might be cheap for the next 90 days or so. The cheapest all seem to be in China which may or may not be useful. Other parts of Asia are well represented, too. But there are plenty of relatively cheap nights scattered around North America, too. No guarantees that it’ll make the promo work for you, but here are the 5,000 cheapest hotels I have data on for check-ins before 30 November based on search data no more than 30 days old.

The doc is read-only (at least I hope it is) but you should be able to sort/filter/search on it to find options to suit your needs. Added bonus: There’s a “book now” link to take you to the IHG site for a direct booking (doesn’t help if you need a mobile app booking to meet your promo goals) and also help support the hotel tools I’ve built.

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Posted : September 5, 2016 2:02 pm

Thanks for the info. I'm fortunate that my offer is so ridiculously unattainable that I won't even bother particating in this promo. In the past, I've diverted spending to IHG for previous promotions which I felt were more reasonable. This one really isn't worthwhile, so my $ will stay with other hotel chains instead.

Posted : September 8, 2016 2:07 am