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There are three main “fancy” hotel programs: American Express Fine Hotels & Resorts, Visa Signature Hotels and Virtuoso. There are roughly 2,000 hotels that participate in those programs, offering amenities and benefits to guests who book through the appropriate channel. And figuring out which hotel is in which program is mostly annoying. More to the point, figuring out if a hotel is in multiple programs is annoying as it requires searching all three sites.

Or you could just search one site instead.

I’ve consolidated all the properties into a single database and cleaned up some of the inconsistencies in the names such that I can now map all of them and show where a particular hotel might participate in all of the programs or only one of them. There are still a few gaps in the data but it is pretty close to complete, enough such that I’m willing to share it in public.

Zoom in and find all the participating hotels in a particular location; in this case it is Amsterdam.

If you look at the map of Amsterdam above you’ll see 7 participating properties. Four of them participate in all three programs as shown by the icon having all three colors in it. The two on the left only participate in one program while Intercontinental Amstel in the bottom right participates in both Viruoso and the AmEx FHR program.

Here’s the breakdown I’ve come up with of distribution of hotels by program:

Virtuoso 544
Visa Sig 524
FHR+Virtuoso 312
AmEx FHR 263
All Three 181
Visa+Virtuoso 145
Visa+AmEx 65

Right now the site just loads up all the hotels and then you can zoom/scroll/browse to find what you’re looking for. Using the “find” feature in your browser should help find things in the text list on the side of the page. It is moderately ugly, just like all my other tools. And mostly functional, again just like all the others.

Any other features you’d like to see added? Very unlikely that I’ll be able to harvest the local benefits/amenities data so don’t expect that to be listed (though I agree it’d be cool). Also, rates and booking links (like on Hotel Hustle) isn’t gonna happen since that data isn’t easy. I was thinking things like type-down on airport names to zoom in quickly to an area or something like that if it is better than the main map. But I’m not so sure the value proposition is there unless y’all think it is very useful.

Also, if you like the new feature let @RafLip know. It was his idea in the first place. And I initially said no, then did it anyways.

@WandrMe any way to search by hotel name which programs they use? FHR/Virtuoso/Visa Signature?

— Raf Lip (@RafLip) December 5, 2016

Turns out I’m rather easily suggestable when things pique my curiosity. This isn’t the only tool that was born out of similar requests from users.

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Posted : January 3, 2017 10:53 am