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(STL) Lambert-St. Louis Int T2 Piroirty Pass - Pasta House/Schlafly Beer  


We visited STL mid-July for an area beer festival and visited our first Priority Pass restaurant The Pasta House/Schlafly Beer in terminal two – that’s the terminal that Southwest and WOW use. It seemed like a nice option but we were really surprised how little we liked the food for a regional chain that people seem to like. We did enjoy the Golden Toasted Ravioli in both our visits. I have to assume that maybe the region just enjoys rather bland and sweet pasta products?

On arrival we ordered the Golden Toasted Ravioli, The Pasta House Famous Salad, Lasagna al Forn, Pasta con Broccoli and a fruit flavored Schlafly hefeweizen (I think raspberry). That put us just under the $58 of possible Priority Pass credit. Overall the pasta sauces were very sweet which turned us off. We could not taste garlic or oregano or other flavors we associate with Italian food beyond the tomato in the sauce. Overall the pastas and dip for the Toasted Ravioli were sweet and bland. On return we had a Schlafly Cider, the Golden Toasted Ravioli, and an Italian Quesadilla. You can tell how un excited we were for the food– given that was a 4 pm flight and we only ate a breakfast of three pieces of lee’s famous fried chicken (shared) that day. The Italian Quesadilla had crumbled meatball in it and some sort of white cheese that tasted like a white American cheese. The Quesadilla took about 30 minutes to make and she told someone else that everything was fast except that. The she told us the cook said he could not get oven space for it because the oven was filled with pizza. So on the second visit we only spent something like $27 of our $58 possible credit.

The Schlafly Beer tie-in is probably the best option for us at that restaurant. We didn’t feel the need to drink much but it’s nice to have a local beer tie in for a brewery that we enjoy. I don’t know if we would waste time at the restaurant on arrival again, but we would stop there on the outbound as time permits.

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Posted : July 23, 2018 2:06 pm