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  1. Does the US Airways Platinum card provide zone 2 boarding privalages? Also, how does one get that associated with our US Airways "profile" so it will put that on our boarding passes. I just got my card and I am a newbie :) Thanks in advance for the help.
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    It should happen automatically if you registered with your US Airways DM number (you'll see a little box that says DMS in it for Dividend Miles Select which also gives you 5k miles off of award bookings) but I'd give it a few days if its new. I don't recall what boarding privileges you get though if you're just a standard member, perhaps someone else can help.
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    Welcome to milePoint and congratulations on your first post :)
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    Actually, according to the T&C that I received, the platinum card does not have zone 2 boarding. Just the premier World card. This was on the printed materials that they sent to me and the online Terms & conditions.

    First Class Check-in and Zone 2 Boarding (for Premier World & World Elite Cardmembers only): Premier World & World Elite Primary Cardmembers are invited to check-in at the US Airways Preferred or First Class counter when checking-in for their flight. The Primary Cardmember only is invited to board the aircraft early as part of Zone 2 provided their Dividend Miles number is part of their reservation. First Class Check-in and Zone 2 Boarding are only available on US Airways operated and marketed flights.
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    So this screwed me up a bit too as I applied for the premier and received the platinum which I didn't like so much. So I called Barclays and was told I should reapply immediately which would trigger a manual review at which time I could call the reconsideration line.
    So I did. I received a second platinum card in the mail. Upon calling again, the CSR informed me that I had qualified for the 40k bonus on both cards pursuant to the offer for the premier card. She wanted to know if i wanted to close the 2nd account or leave it open. Duh.
    So I don't know if there is an actual difference other than the actual branding of the card itself.
    I wasn't going to complain since I will be getting 2 40k bonus out of the deal. Super goofy, but in a tolerable way.
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