Yucky Bugs! Amazon jungle here we come!

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    After being eaten alive by sand fleas in the Bolivian "semi-jungle," as they call it, I'm serious about protecting myself and other members of my group from bug bites on our trip to the Amazon jungle next week. (the full jungle!)

    The list of precautions I'm instituting is surely worthy of publication in a science journal somewhere, but I wonder if anyone has first-hand experience and can offer advice on what really does work? I'm planning to set up my own "field tests" and promise to document the results for future generations.

    If you've been there and you have suggestions, I'd love to hear about them.
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    I've spent a lot of time in tropical rain forests, and overall, I think the fear and worry of bugs far outweighs their actual reality. In general, a lightweight long-sleeve shirt and long pants, some decent bug spray, and if you're going budget route, a portable mosquito net for sleeping, is all you really need. In many true primary tropical rainforests, mosquitos are minimal.

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