You Want a Smile? That’s Gonna Cost You

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    You Want a Smile? That’s Gonna Cost You:cool:

    I have to laugh at the timing - in the span of two days two very different air travel stories appeared in The New York Times.

    The first, in Sunday's Travel Section and reported by Michelle Higgins reveals that for a fee, American Airlines is offering to treat its passengers like VIPs.

    On a recent flight, Higgins and her husband coughed up $200 for the airline's Five Star Service program, which entitled them and their young child to an escort from curbside at New York's LaGuardia airport through bag check, into a lounge with snacks and finally, priority boarding. In assessing the program, Higgins wrote that she bought a "civilized airport experience."

    So have we reached a point where civility comes with price tag? Well that depends.

    In Tuesday's Business section, I report that some airlines are heavily invested in making their passengers feel special at no additional charge.

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