You know you're a point addict when....

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    This list started on the "Confessions of a points addict" thread. I've summarized the responses so far. Does anyone have any more to contribute? They should be weird thoughts that might actually occur to someone, but hopefully, not yourself!

    __you switch hotels every other day because the hotels give points by the stay, not by the day.
    __you hope that your terminally ill mother-in-law on the other coast lasts until next year because you've already achieved your status goal this year.
    __you plan where to eat by how many points you can get there.
    __you check your mileage report 2-3 times a day.
    __you hunt for dental/health care insurance plans that reimburse you afterwards rather than pay the provider directly so you can charge it to you CC.
    __you watch someone pay with cash and think "what a waste of miles!"
    __you offer to pay with your credit card and have them pay you the cash -- to complete strangers.
    __you use a spreadsheet to plan your trips for the next year.

    Once more have accumulated when can then set up a poll and vote for the weirdest!
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    I compiled these in 2004:

    You know you think about miles too much when…

    …you hear the words “mile a minute” and find yourself pondering the concept of earning bonus miles as a function of time.

    …you answer the question, “How many miles per gallon do you get?” with “It depends on what credit card I use.”

    …you unthinkingly ask your non-frequent flyer friend why she is taking the nonstop flight to London instead of the connection through Syracuse.

    …you check 4 times a day to see if another partner has posted on the Northwest Fly Free Faster promo.

    …one half of your brain keeps trying to calculate the cost/mile value of a mileage run against a baseline of a $24.98 SFO-CDG ticket, leading to a temporary conclusion that a $507 JFK-SIN trip is “expensive”.

    …you criticize your spouse for not spending enough (“doing your share”) on the credit card last month.

    …you see a lone shopper in the grocery store place a box of Nutrigrain bars in his cart — and you have to bite your toungue not to ask him if he will be using the 100 miles on the box.

    ..your teen learns that the best way to ask for something is “It’s on sale, and you’ll still earn miles for it!”

    …all your friends are in debt to you because you always pick up the check at lunch.

    …one of the first things you do with the person you are training is to go over the airlines and routes out of their local airport, and which mileage programs will work best for them.

    …you have not only YOUR frequent flier and credit card numbers memorized, but also the numbers for family and friends that you book travel for.

    …you know all your mileage balances within 50 miles, but can’t remember your phone number.

    … even though the “low fuel” light on your dashboard has been on all day, you drive past half a dozen gas stations and ten extra miles to the Shell that takes Diners Club.

    … the only thing you use Excel for is tracking miles, and you write to Microsoft asking them to include class-of-service bonus spreadsheet function to the next version of Office.

    …you walk into a meeting at the office and people ask, “So where did you go LAST weekend?”

    …you buy flowers for your wife so you will get your 5th Northwest Fly Free Faster partner. What’s worse is when she asks you if the florist is a partner.

    … a loved one passes away and you think that the funeral home accepting your miles-earning credit card mitigates your loss.

    …you book an international trip because you don’t want to waste a Systemwide Upgrade domestically.

    …you plan day trips to cities you find boring just because there’s a websaver and you can get free booze in the lounge

    …you get a big goofy smile when you hear “Rhapsody in Blue”
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    When you're a point addict, well, you just know that you are...:D
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    This one is fairly unambiguous. :)
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    Gleff - LMAO

    Sooo true

    When have to remember not to tell people (because you're tired of that "oh you're crazy" look) that you just spent 24 hours on 4 planes just to get miles and requalify.....or because there is a double or triple bonus offer.................
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    ...when you're not upset that your girlfriend got a $600 speeding ticket, because at least the court takes credit cards and you can knock off some of the $5000 min. spend on the SPG Amex card. (This just happened to me!)
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