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    So me/wife + friends are planing on going to YiPeng/Loi Krathong in Chiang Mai in November. We have flights booked to BKK on the 19th and returning from HKG on the 6th of Dec.

    Current plan is stay in BKK for 3 Nights, leave monday AM to CNX. Stay there till thursday/friday )Yi Peng is Tues & LK is Wed) Then take AirAsia to REP until Monday/Tuesday then HKG till we return.

    I guess How many days in Siem Reap is appropriate? How many days in Chiang Mai is appropriate?

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    This is very much a personal opinion and many might have a totally different opinion than me. For me, three days in Chiang Mai and three days in Siem Reap would be sufficient. Given the length though of your total trip, You've got extra time in there. I personally would probably add another day or two to Siem Reap in that case, and any additional time to Chiang Mai and make some side trips from Chiang Mai to places around that might interest you.
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    I like Chiang Mai as it is a normal working city, I believe it is the 2nd largest in Thailand, it is not solely for tourists :eek: It is even a better value than BKK for hotels and food with some interesting days trips possible and nice cuisine overall.

    Angkor Wat is definitely a cool sight to see but the Siem Reap is almost entirely for tourists, I like Phnom Penh better as a city
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