Yet Another List: People you encounter at the airport you wish you hadn't

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    From Buzzfeed 15 people... (15 People You’ll Encounter At The Airport That Will Make You Want To Cancel Your Trip)

    I am sure there are more to add to the list. Here is one of mine:

    16: Matchmaker Medicine woman..

    Are you married ? Why not !! Do you have children ? Why Not !! Do you have your own house ? Why not !!!.... You don't like Shirley ? Why not !!!
    You should meet....
    You should drink....
    You should move to...
    You should rent a DVD and see...

    Aargh ! STFUB !
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    Oh no no no... they left out the most annoying one of all... the clueless first time flyer.

    I mean, we were all first timers at one point, even though some people started flying sooner than others. But the clueless flyer is a special breed of annoying.

    You know the ones I'm talking about... a backpack, a rollaboard, two plastic bags and a purse or messenger bag. They don't know that they need to take off their jacket or shoes to go through security, so it takes 12 days for them to do so.

    And when they do, alarms galore because they have their phone, keys, and pocket knife in their pockets. Then their bag has to be searched because they have a canteen full of water, or a big can of hairspray, or a machete or who-knows-what in there.

    All the while, everyone else is waiting in line behind them.

    Then they crowd around the gate area -- gate lice in training -- way ahead of their zone boarding time.

    And they can't find their seat. Or they seat in the wrong place. Then they try to have a conversation with their buddy 6 rows in front while everyone else is trying to board.

    The list goes on and on, sadly.
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