Yet another insult to injury scam that would be stillborn if we had competition: AAs $75 directcheat

Discussion in 'Newsstand' started by ahappyelite, Sep 11, 2018.

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    The airlines seem to be pulling two or three degradations A DAY in the past few years. With hundreds of millioms of pax and four gangsta airlines heres the new scam:
    Divide country up
    Make everyone connect except
    A tiny number who will go direcf for conscience shocking prices
    If that scam doesnt work, resell the same seat for a $75 fee.
    This sleaziness would bleed customers from an ethical company in a choiceful industry. And those customers would be hard to lure back.
    But its the wild west out there and even Dion O’Bannion wouldnt have the stomach these CEOs have for shooting fish in the barrel customers.
    Americas cartel truly redefines the indefensible-sometimes even more than once a day. Remember thousands of times a day they demand your patience and forebearance for their multitudinous screwups that waste millions of passenger life hours a year. Ask for a favor and down comes the guillotine.
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