Yet Another French Strike: Air Traffic Controllers to strike (And watch World Cup ?)

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    This is not a good news for many; but what else is new. I have suffered twice in the past, Once stranded in CDG and once in NYC. On the other hand, France is doing better this World Cup than in 2010, so them, ATC want to watch those games I guess ;)
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    We just returned from Paris. While we were there (10 days) we had a taxi strike, a strike of Eiffel Tower employees and a train strike. No one seems to appreciate having a job in that country.
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    Thanks for posting, anileze! This is a serious strike affecting all airlines out of CDG, here's a report from the UK Mail Online on the strike's affect on BA:

    Ah, well, who can understand the French, anyway?:

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    French air traffic control strike threatens travel chaos

    Hundreds of thousands of airline passengers will face widespread chaos and uncertainty over their travel plans this week as a six-day French air traffic control strike is due to go ahead.

    • Airlines have warned that the action is likely to have a “severe” impact on travel to and from France but could also affect many other services passing over the country.

      With just over 24 hours to go until the strike was due to begin, none of the airlines could tell passengers for certain whether or not they will be affected because the French authorities still had not decided how many flights they will order them to cancel.

      EasyJet, the second biggest airline in France operating from 14 airports in the country, said it expected to have to cancel around half of its services in and out of France.
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