Yakitori Yoshi. 1427 Makaloa Street. Honolulu

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    During my last visit to Honolulu, I passed on Morimoto to have dinner at Yakitori Yoshi.
    A real local place
    It is located in a very small enclave behind the Ala Moana Shopping center and Sams , 1427 Makaloa Street in Honolulu. It is right next to a small strip club ( nothing offensive).
    The chef behind the counter cooks all sort of Japanese Tapas on an open mesquite barbecue.
    If you come in, you need to be patient but your taste buds will be rewarded.
    During my visit I ordrered:
    -Fried Octopus: $5.60. baby octopus. Great.
    -Fried Squid legs: $5.20. Very nice.
    - Bacon/Asparagus: $2.25 . Interesting.
    -Sweet Peppers (shishito peppers) with mackerel flakes: $1.95. Great.
    -Grilled Musubi ( Miso : $1.95 and Spicy Miso: $2.10): The spicy miso did not have a lot of flavor but the Miso was good.
    -Whole Squid: $7.95. This was the best.
    With the above food costing about $27.00 without tip and taxes and draft Japanese beer for $4.00 or Sake for $15.00 you cannot go wrong.
    Two guest with plenty to drink and eat can spend an evening for less than $100.00 with tip.
    Yakitori Yoshi also offers also all the traditional meats /liver/gizzard on skewers.
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