Y travel US to SAfrica: whose is best?

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    I am in the process of helping a college student (without any airline status) work out an itinerary for a summer abroad course in Namibia. Almost all routes seem to go through JNB. Originating in the Midwest or East Coast of the US (that can be adjusted as needed), the primary carriers to JNB seem to be DL from ATL, SA from JFK or IAD (including a stop enroute in Dakar), or LX/LH/BA/VS or their partners with a connection in EU/UK. There is some advantage to his not having to connect since his flight experience is somewhat limited. That aside, given those or similar carriers, are there ones that you would point toward or away from, given that this will be a long overnight ride in Y, and probably not Y+ or its equivalent? From what I can see skimming Seatguru, for the carriers flying this routing, the seat sizes seem to be pretty similar from 17"-18" width and 30"-32" pitch. Helpful thoughts would be appreciated.

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    SA's coach product is better than DL's and makes for a much easier travel experience. Via JFK I believe the flight is non-stop while IAD has the pit stop in DKR.

    All of the other options involve a long layover in Europe before a second redeye flight. I'm not a huge fan of that routing if it can be avoided.

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