XO2 Electric Scooter Folds Into (Almost) Carry-on Luggage

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    Electric scooters are not new, especially overseas. In Spain, folks can zip about on the Xkuty while fans in nearby Portugal wait for the Coimbra electric scooter to be approved for production. BMW Motorrad introduced its BMW C evolution electric at last year’s Paris Motor Show. Closer to home, Canadians can enjoy the crisp cold air while riding their E-Breeze. Americans have a variety of electric scoots from companies such as Z Electric Vehicles, maker of the ZEV 5000.

    Xor Motors, based in Aix-en-Provence, France, is – at first glance – just another electric scooter manufacturer. But it offers a twist on the well-know ride. As can be seen seen in this video, the Xor X02 electric scooter can actually be folded small enough to be rolled away by it rider.

    How? From what we can interpret from the video, an owner of a Xor X02 first detaches the seating as its own separate roll-away unit. The rear wheel then folds into the space previous occupied by the seat. The “front” of the electric scooter then folds and cover the rear wheel, compacting the vehicle to roughly half its entire, non-folded size. Finally, the owner grabs one of the scooter’s front forks. He then simply pulls the now compact scooter behind him like rollaway luggage. Same with the seat, which has its own wheels. The entire Xor X02 is light weight as you can imagine.

    Read More: http://www.earthtechling.com/2013/02/xo2-electric-scooter-folds-into-almost-carry-on-luggage/
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    But to be truly a carryon, the battery must be removable. It can only be in the cargo compartment. So that defeats the carryon capability. Also no where is the weight discussed. Will it fit under the seat or is it too heavy for the overheads?

    Poor headlines.

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