WSJ: A New Bundle Jungle for Travelers

Discussion in 'Newsstand' started by Randy Petersen, Jan 31, 2013.

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    In this story in the WSJ: A New Bundle Jungle for Travelers


    Funny thing is that for me a coach seat is STILL a coach seat ... lipstick on a pig? The product remains the same regardless of the acronyms they apply to it.
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    I'm on the same boat, but in this day and age companies have to figure out a way to put big data to use and try to squeeze every dollar they can out of customers.

    Coming up with models to analyze your spending patterns and offer you something extra is a win/win for them. It costs them very little in the long-run, and it makes sense that if you're buying a single short-term R/T trip to RDU you should be treated differently than if you're buying 2 adults + 2 kids to MCO.

    There's no guarantee that you'll buy anything extra, but if you do is profit that they'd otherwise not see.
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    Unless domestic carriers are looking to go full RyanAir in creating pay toilets, airlines have pretty much gotten every add-on fee out there deployed.

    United's baggage delivery service was the start (and actually a pretty good idea, even though I never used it) of trying to monetize things outside of the fuselage.

    The town-car or helicopter idea isn't bad, but branding it as a better coach seat is a bit of a stretch.
  4. AC is following UA's lead and experimenting with baggage service. But I agree with Randy, a coach seat is still a coach seat. I would suggest to the carriers that a bigger coach seat and charging more for that might make them more money than silly frills.
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