Would this route work?

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    I was wondering if using United miles, I could book:



    My thought is that it would be cool to fly Lufthansa there and then Singapore on the way back (trying to get some a380 time). I have looked on some of the forums about trying to cross one ocean on the way there and another on the way back. It seems to have mixed results. Or is it mostly not able to happen on one reward?

    Since United offers one reward booking, does it really matter if I book it as two separate one way redemptions? And then by doing two separate one way redemptions, would I also be able to create a stopover in Singapore on the way there and a stopover in Tokyo on the way back?

    Looking at the United Award chart, it would cost 60,000 miles each way correct? Even if I change the final destination from Male to Singapore, South Asia and Indian Sub-continent are both 60,000 for using United miles on Star Alliance airlines?

    I feel like there are so many rules out there on this stuff that I must be missing something somewhere.
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    Officially, you can't cross both oceans (Atl and Pac) on a round-trip, and you'll have to pay more miles to have a >24 hr stopover on two one-ways. A creative, friendly, or erroneous agent may be able to make it work 60K in J anywhere one-way, yes. You may not be able to get to the Indian subcontinent via SE Asia.

    You can plan stopovers of less than 24 hours in Singapore and Tokyo, by scheduling those flight times.

    The rules are arcane, and unpublished. People around here generally know them from experience and many, many bookings.
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    From my limited exp & reading of the forums & asking questions...

    1. You only get a stopover on a RT award ticket ...
    2. You can not cross both oceans on a RT ticket.
    3. Its very hard to get SQ Business/First on UA.com
    Thus I would say that this route would not work, nor would booking 2 way work.
    And also what harvson3 said about 23:59 stopovers.
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    1) You can go around the world on one-ways, it just might cost you more. (I did this, but I mixed Avios and United miles.)
    2) 23:59 or less for a layover is quite doable.
    3) You could book your Male extension as a separate round trip (for more points or cash) if needed. Not sure if it'd be seen as backtracking or not. Right now, I can't search SIN-MLE on United awards; I think there may be some SQ blocking going on again. :(

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