Worthless Media & Regulators: Spirit ala Ryanair stranded thousands in May w/o paying compensation

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    Whereas a giant firestorm is enveloping Ryanair with regulators on high alert, Spirit airlines used a pilot dispute to cancel flights and strand thousands in early May. Not a peep was heard from corporate media or worthless shillistic regulators about re -booking these strandees and paying compensation.as many were out of pocket for hefty amounts. Absurdly, thanks to a worthless, bought Congress, the idea that if someone is paying less than a full court rip off fare he or she has no redress or expectation of acceptable service has become mainstreamed in America. This winter, we need a major passenger revolt against the across the board crud that is US air travel. Wonder how many Congress Members fly Spirit? Don't expect the supine media to ask questions like that.
    Yes, this is posted in United, because let's face it these airlines are much more collaborative these days than competitive:

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