Women-Only Pink Taxis Make Travel In Puebla A Shade More Pleasant

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    Women in Puebla, Mexico's fourth-largest city, are tickled pink over the city's new fleet of woman-operated, women-only taxi cabs. The rose-tinted taxis have the approval of the city's governing authorities and are intended to provide women with the option of secure personal travel 24 hours a day. We're pretty certain Travis (“You talkin' to me?”) Bickle wouldn't approve of Puebla's pink taxis, and there's no doubt the entire concept of women-only public transit doesn't sit well with significant segments of society, male AND female. Unfortunately, the possibility of verbal and/or physical assault is a very real one for countless traveling women around the world. In most cases, women's advocacy groups have pushed for local transportation authorities to provide the option of women-only buses, subway cars, trains and taxis with Japan's pink ladies-only subway cars being the most famous example.

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    It's sad there's a need for such a service - but unfortunately in too many places there is. A woman-only taxi fleet sure beats the alternative of women staying home because theyre too afraid of assault to go out alone!

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