With swipe of a smartphone, loyalty cards becoming obsoletes

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    The days of the “buy-10-get-one-free” loyalty punch card are as numbered as the paper punch itself.
    Mom-and-pop restaurants, convenience stores and pet groomers are joining national programs that equip them with an iPad at the register where a customer either swipes a loyalty card or waves a smartphone to record the purchase and any reward. National programs such as Belly, SpotOn, Perkville and FiveStars use cloud and mobile technology to enable retailers to offer programs that reward the customer faster and with more creativity than a punch card.

    “Within five to 10 years, we’ll move away from punch cards and key fobs and even apps and go to smartphones,” said Rik Reppe, director of PricewaterhouseCoopers’ customer experience practice in Minneapolis.

    D. Brian’s, which has six fast-casual restaurants in Minneapolis and its suburbs, switched to the Belly system recently. The company manages loyalty for 7,000 merchants in 20 U.S. markets with 2.5 million users. Customers use a key fob, card or smartphone at the register to get a free beverage, chips or a buy-one-get-one entrée.

    Read More: http://www.buffalonews.com/business...one-loyalty-cards-becoming-obsoletes-20140609
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    Thanks for posting, sobore! It's a new world out there - those punch cards are now mostly defunct. Subway and Blimpie's used to have them. IIRC, so did Starbucks, a long time ago. And now, paper tickets of all types will soon become irrelevant. So get out that smart phone and show the gate personnel your barcoded ticket!
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    And they probably have a more accurate data profile on me than does the NSA. For sale to any high bidder.
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