With regulators in absentia, UA will sell same seat Over & Over: fly the scalpy skies

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    With Obama administration low regulation being replaced by no regulation, airlines are in an unprecedented anti consumer frenzy. Despite using powerful software and price fixing to bleed the choiceless American public for maximum fare extraction, and despite raking in billions in unwarranted change fees allowing them to double and triple sell seats, United will glom one more chance to fix prices sky high: conducting airport auctions where THE CARTEL-with no regulation whatsoever-will allow passengers to sell back the seat that may have already been sold two or three times once again. Pathetic media portrays this goal line price fixing as pro customer when it could cost hundreds of millions as the cartel’s initial pricing can be even more audacious and unrestrained. If regulators existed, the obvious quid quo pro would be the deal: ending change and name change fees and perhaps even a stub hub for passengers who want to get a piece of this air scalping action.
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