Wireless Hotel Charges That Make You Want to Stay Home

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    As I reviewed my hotel bill at Harveys Lake Tahoe recently, I noticed something unusual: Instead of charging me $11 a day for wireless Internet, they were asking for three times as much.

    "This can't be right," I told the clerk.

    She called a manager, who firmly explained it was right -- Harveys charges for wireless access not by room, but by device. Although it isn't disclosed on its website, it is on the terms and conditions when you log in. I had glossed over it when I got online.

    As for reducing my bill, the manager was equally firm in his "no": The property outsourced its Internet to another company, and if I didn't pay, Harveys would be on the hook for the full amount. The bill was paid, but I'm still puzzled that it could cost more to check e-mail than to park my car.

    A survey by market research firm BDRC suggests wireless Internet costs British hotel guests $2.2 billion a year. Best Western (www.bestwestern.com), which offers free wireless access, released those numbers last week along with a petition to give guests free access.

    Read more: http://www.frommers.com/articles/7354.html#ixzz1RF8KOmZs
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    With Starwood, you need to be careful about the benefit that Plats get free internet in their rooms. Some properties still charge additional for using internet in the lobby, business center, restaurants/bars, poolside, etc.
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    Wow, charging per device, free internet in room but not in the lobby, biz center, etc. I've never heard of either of these...thanks for the heads up. Just goes to show you...read the T&Cs carefully or you could be burned.

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