Will You Go on a Food Safari?

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    Food fanatic? Intrepid traveller? Adventurer? Then this trend might be just for you. How about an amalgamation of all the three to please the palate and the travel diary? That’s right! We're talking of the trend of food safaris — that has a bunch of folk travelling just for food, exploring cultures and planning itineraries based on dishes, recipes and ingredients special to a place. So what really goes into satisfying the food wanderlust?

    Lure of the unknown

    What beckons brave foodies most are food fests that allow people to experience new flavours. Walking into different stalls, sampling and trying activities, such as shooting peas, potato peeling competitions and meringue eating wars is big. And it’s no longer just showcasing local or regional specialties, the food menu is unique and completely takes food out of the ‘comfort zone’. “I once tried a chocolate dessert at a festival back home. They had dipped the bar in what they called a ‘secret’ batter and then deep fried it; it was different and delicious,” says Sedtain Ali, stockbroker.
    For those who like experimenting, a garlic festival abroad, had cooking demos, plus garlic ice cream and soft drinks and garlic watermelon too! Several gastronomes also take up truffle travels, where they go on trails for the wrinkly white or black truffle and cook with it.

    Read More: http://idiva.com/news-ifood/what-you-need-to-know-about-food-travel/25211
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    I've been doing this for years...a quick layover at KUL was dedicated to getting some sate in Kajang, and one of these days I'll get to Lübeck for a marzipan feast.

    Heh, my blogs might be proof enough...
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    I have gone to places just for the food. And in one case all the way across an ocean just for a restaurant ;)

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