Will I lose points by canceling a rewards night reservation?

Discussion in 'Marriott | Rewards' started by henrythefourth, Jun 23, 2011.

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    I will be on family vacation the first week of August in D.C. We are staying seven nights at the Residence Inn on Vermont Ave, Sunday to Sunday. In my upcoming reservations it shows as one week, but in the MRP usage page it shows as two separate transactions, a five night stay and a two night stay. The first transaction being stay four nights get the fifth one free. Something came up and my wife wants to cancel the first night and have it be a six night trip instead, Mon-Sun. Simple so far.

    However, I made this reservation back in February before the Category change bumping this hotel from Cat 4 to Cat 5. I was charged the Cat 4 rate of 20K MRP per being an 80K and a 40K transaction for a total of 120 MRP.

    If I cancel the first night will Marriott just mod the reservation to six nights and refund me 20K MRP reducing the cost to 100K MRP or will they cancel the entire reservation and rebook me at the new Cat 5 rate for six nights costing me 125K MRP?

    In short, will I lose MRP for shortening my vacation?


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