Will I earn UA miles on this Aegean flight?

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    PQM or RDM? It ticketed through Lufthansa, but is an Aegean flight number showing as 'V' fare class on both United and Lufthansa's website. V is not listed on UA's Aegean earning tiers, but don't know if this means Lufthansa?

    Operated by Aegean Airlines.
    Aircraft: Airbus A320
    Fare Class: Economy (V)

    Meal: None
    No Special Meal Offered.

    I did find an old FT thread where someone claimed a similar flight mapped to a different LH class with full earning on UA, but is there any way to know? I ask mostly because these 772 miles are holding my status in limbo for the year.
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    You would have to call Aegean and find out what fare class they see the flight booked in to on your reservation. From there go check the earning tables for Aegean in the UA program and figure it out.

    One historical data point I have says LH V maps to A3 W. And the A3 earning page says W earns 100%. But I don't really know how old that V->W data is or if it is still accurate.

    ETA: If it is listed as an A3-coded flight and operated by A3 then there is no codeshare or anything involved so it is just a regular V fare and quite unlikely to earn anything. That it was issued by LH doesn't matter.
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    I don't think you get any miles for V. See the fine print under the chart on this page:

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