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    El Al announced a new service class Tuesday, promising to provide passengers with a new flying experience at the very front of the economy cabin. The section will include improved seating with extra legroom (36 inches instead of 32), a 33-percent increase in seat-back recline, exclusive check-in counters and extra pampering on board.

    The new service class will offer between 34-40 seats, depending on the aircraft type. It will go on sale Wednesday, priced at $80 one-way for European flights and $150 on long-haul flights.

    Top Platinum and Gold members of El Al’s Matmid frequent- flyer club, as well as customers purchasing upgradeable tickets, will be eligible for these special seats when reserving, at no extra cost. Companion travelers of Top Platinum members will also be eligible at no extra cost.
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    I think they won't. I think AC is leading by far in the competition over the YYZ-TLV route. Passengers who don't start or end their journey in YYZ have much better options with AC (and that would be most passengers I assume) but on the other end you have nowhere to connect to from TLV. Add this to the better service on AC (so much better - you must love the Canadian way), better IFE and better FFP and you find yourself seated forever in a 32 pitch seat on AC (or I might be wrong).
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    And reconfiguring aircraft just to compete on a single route is rather unlikely. As I recall, the XM'd 763s have 34" (or 33"?) pitch in the front part of the Y cabin already anyway.

    Has LY upgraded their 763s for AVOD and in-seat power yet?
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