Why You Need Loyalty Programs!

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    We developed UsingMiles as a response to the frustration many people expressed with their loyalty programs. Good incentives had convinced them to sign up, but redeeming their points and taking advantage of all the rewards could be a confusing or time consuming process.

    These are the same reasons that people opt out of loyalty rewards programs to begin with.
    But when managed correctly a loyalty program can make all the difference, whether it means more vacations, better deals or just more money in your pocket. Here are the top three reasons you need a loyalty program.

    1. Free Stuff! The most common reward among loyalty programs is free stuff. The most useful and popular are, of course are the airline miles that can be translated into free airline tickets. 20 million free award tickets given away in 2004, for example. UsingMiles makes it easy to keep track of these rewards, and help you get a little something for almost nothing! Loyalty programs work to help you earn points, miles or rewards by doing things you are already doing. And who doesn’t enjoy a free reward just for that?

    2. Discounts on everyday items. Vacations and getaways are great, but they are far from the only reward you can earn. Many grocery stores have loyalty programs that provide members with discounts, rebates and rewards that can be used in the store. This means everyday savings that can have an immediate impact on your bottom line.

    3. Donation to charity made easy. Even if donating to charity might not be in your budget, it might be in your loyalty program! Many well known charities can accept frequent flier miles, so if you know you won’t be using them, donating can be the perfect alternative to letting old miles expire. Many credit cards also allow customers to donate their bonus points to charities. These gifts are especially appreciated at the holiday season or after a severe storm such as Hurricane Sandy.

    Sign up for loyalty programs without the fear of losing rewards you have earned. The rewards are there for each program, it is just a matter of proper management, and that is why we are here. Let us help make tracking those rewards easy and you’ll truly have no reason not to sign up. Contact us for more information, learn more about our program and start earning!

    Be sure to track all of your loyalty programs on your UsingMiles dashboard! Have a great weekend and Happy Friday!

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