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    Over the last few years, travel for me has grown from a passing interest, to a hobby then grew into a passion and now has blossomed into an addiction! This “addiction” however has led me to discover the world in a way I never though I would just a few years ago.

    As part of traveling as often as I do, it’s led to me having dozens of loyalty programs with a variety of airlines, hotels, car rental firms, credit cards and dining establishments.

    I soon found it difficult to keep track of every program that I was a member of which led me to forget usernames, passwords, security questions, etc. Sometimes I would I wind up forgetting about the program completely! This “mismanagement” on my part has no doubt led me to lose program benefits along the way because I simply didn’t keep track of where everything was.

    UsingMiles.com has become an invaluable tool for me because it allows me to gather all of my programs in one place and keep track of my progress with each program. Being able to just log onto one website to see everything that I have happening in all of my travel loyalty programs, even my E-bay Bucks and E-Survey accounts, makes my life a lot easier!

    Additionally, I use UsingMiles.com to keep track of my family’s and friend’s various loyalty accounts. For some reason they lack my passion for points and miles so at least with UsingMiles.com I can help them keep track of offers and opportunities with their programs and help them prevent making the same mistakes that I had in the past.

    A favorite and unique feature of UsingMiles.com is their Bonus Offers area that keeps track of virtually every program’s current mile and point earning promotion. It’s helped me discover bonus deals that I did not realize existed. I literally check it every couple of days to make sure that I am not missing out on easy mile or point earning opportunities.

    Ultimately for me, UsingMiles.com has made it nearly impossible for me to forget about my loyalty programs or to miss any opportunities within them. If you are serious about travel and your loyalty programs, I would strongly recommend that you take advantage of UsingMiles.com.

    About me:
    [​IMG]LufthansaFlyer.com came to fruition as a result of nearly 30 years of traveling to Europe and flying Lufthansa Airlines nearly each time. I remember as a child my first Lufthansa flights and I suspect they had something to do with the passion I have for travel.

    My vision for LufthansaFlyer.com is to continue being a resource for those not overly familiar with Lufthansa, especially in North America. My objective is to help people discover the Lufthansa Group of Airlines (Lufthansa, Swiss, Austrian, germanwings and brussels airlines) in the hopes that they too will fly Lufthansa and see why I think they are among the best airlines in the world. Additionally I help my readers with award travel and mile redemption strategies so that they can put all of their hard earned points into good use.

    LufthansaFlyer.com is completing it’s first year and I’m absolutely thrilled with the response that I’ve received from my readers! This year alone I’ve helped and advised nearly 200 readers with booking travel on Lufthansa for the first time. That’s nearly an airplane full! I’m excited to see what the next year has in store!

    Get a PREMIER MEMBERSHIP for FREE courtesy of Lufthansa Flyer here!
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    I suppose a free lifetime premier membership can't hurt.
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    Sorry about the weird typo in the first paragraph! A cut and paste error that I missed! :(
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    I also grabbed a lifetime premier membership through one of the blogs, but I haven't really seen much benefit of this service versus Awardwallet or others that would make me switch over. Maybe I need to play around in the 'deals' section more...

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