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    Hi all,

    I have some questions regarding this destination, mainly for a project I have now at work. Probably only Brazilian's can answer me, but if someone who is not from Brazil, knows a lot from POA, I will appreciate any help, further from the one I can find in the internet.

    I'm researching about POA and all the facts this destination could attract flyers. Starting with the main tourism attractions, some in which I have already found at Lonely Planet, but probably there are some special places that local people know, and that they are not mentioned at any website or book.

    In the other side, for corporate flyers, which big companies are based at POA or what kind of industries you'll find at POA.

    Or is there any special event in the year that is a must to visit? I've seen the Porto Alegre Book Fair is the most important Book Fair in America, and that has around 2 million visitors.

    I will like to know, comparing with Rio or Sao Paulo, in what place is Porto Alegre's economy ranked. Is it a big economy?

    Thanks for your help if someone can help me with any kind of answer. I'm struggling with google and different websites like the CIA to find a more detailed answer.


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