Why Only Half of Frequent Flyers are Satisfied with their Carrier’s Rewards Program

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    Recent research shows that only 54 percent of frequent flyers are satisfied with their carrier’s loyalty program, and I have a firsthand hunch why – the frequent buyers.

    I’ve seen them myself. For years I believed that my loyalty earned me a cushy seat in my carrier’s private airport lounge, until I recently heard others nearby say how great it was that the airline let them buy lounge access – not earn it – so they can await their next flight away from the riff raff.

    As the guys spending the money, I am sure my lounge mates found nothing wrong with their transaction. But through my eyes, the airline was basically allowing passengers to game the system. And the 2014 Mile Satisfaction Survey, conducted by MileCards.com, backs me up.

    This is what Brian Karimzad, director of MileCards.com, told USA Today: “When these
    programs started over 30 years ago, miles were designed to retain the most frequent business travelers. Now airlines earn billions a year by selling miles, creating the challenge to please both frequent flyers and frequent spenders.”

    Read More: http://www.business2community.com/t...rs-satisfied-carriers-rewards-program-0782312
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    Interesting numbers, only half, that's not good for the respective carriers to know, but maybe they wake up and make flyers happy? :)
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    I'm from the generation where I remained loyal and you got loyalty back, the rewards whre there. Now most my FFP points are made through my CC spend rather than flights, so I expect nothing any more from the airline.

    It's like my hotel Status, I have stayed loyal for 15 years and sometimes had to stay some extra nights just to keep my platinum status. Then I find out you can for the same price as One nights InterCon stay, join their Dinning rewards, which upgrades you to gold, add Ambassdor membership and your upgraded to platinum. Where's the Loyalty?

    But back to the above feed I'm sure most people would be disillusioned by their programmes if they dig into it, but 54% must be an average as those who are say satisfied with United which must be very low as apossed to say Qantas which from feeds I read is very high, so it's hard to just put a single figure on all FFP.
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    Overly simplified analysis.

    If we want to focus on lounge access, it's almost a different culture. USA carriers have sold lounge memberships since at least around 1980. I think there was concern that recognizing frequent passengers and offering them lounge access was being done in a way that was discriminatory.
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    Loung access and many other perks are given away, not earned with credit cards..

    Anyone who is given not earned, looks at thing different, and their loyalty is easily bought, and sold, on the whim of a dime.

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