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    Hi All,

    Totally new here, but I really appreciate all the advice I got in my first post:

    One potential downside (my opinion) of the miles/points accumulation is having to deal with the CC companies. Thought I would share my strange experience here in hopes that it might help someone else.

    To start with, I applied for the CitiAA and BAVisa cards. I was really surprised when I got denied for both.

    A few days after I applied for the Citi card I got a call from them asking to verify my information that I had put on the application. After verifying everything, the rep told me "Sorry, but we cannot verify your address, so your application has been denied". I explained to them that I have been a Citi customer for years, I currently have a Citi card in my wallet right now, and for years (up until I recently switched to paperless statements) I had been getting monthly statements from them. There should have been no reason at all that they could not verify my address. But, she was being fairly rude, and I was already starting to doubt wanting the card because it was only 30k miles. I got frustrated and gave up trying to convince her, so I let that one go. At that time I was thinking no problem, I am not much of a Citi fan at all anyway, so I'll go to Chase.

    So next I apply for the Chase BA Visa card with the 100K miles after spend. I get the message that the application is under review. At this point I am thinking there will be no problem, and I was just waiting for my card to arrive in the mail. A few days later I get a letter from Chase denying my application, but for the strangest reason. The reason for denial was given as "bad prior business dealings with Chase". This wasn't a maybe, it was a definitive "No". I was really shocked, because I had never had any kind of personal account with Chase in my life. On the paper they sent there was a reference number. I found the Chase reconsideration line phone # here on the boards and called them up. I was sure this was just a misunderstanding that I could easily clear up. After I got someone on the phone - really long story short- they asked me if I had ever had a credit card from a small bank in Washington. I replied that I had, and they said that was the reason I was denied. When I was in college (almost 20 years ago now) I had a credit card from a bank. There was a few hundred dollar charge that was incorrect that they wanted me to pay, and I refused. That was almost 20 years ago and only a few hundred dollars, and had not been on my credit report or anywhere else that I could find in almost a decade. I asked them how they had found out about that ( I was dying to know), and I told them that information wasn't even on my credit report. They said that Chase had purchased that bank some time ago, and still kept all their records. So I guess when I applied they not only looked at my credit report and score, the also looked at bank records of all the banks they have acquired for as far back as they want to go. I explained to them that was almost 20 years ago, my credit history is great, and my credit score is over 800, but none of that seemed to matter. The guy on the phone did seem sympathetic though, and pretty much said that he thought it was BS, but that there was nothing he could do about it. He did make some vague statements that he was going to flag my account for something. At that time I could have been more aggressive but I was tired of playing the game, and decided to just let it go.

    I had just planned to rethink the whole idea when, 2 days later, a new CitiAA card shows up in my mailbox. Yes, the one they told me I couldn't have because they couldn't verify my address.
    Then, a few days after that, I get a letter in the mail congratulating me on my new Chase BA card that is on the way.

    So I ended up with both cards that I was originally declined for after all. I can't prove it, but I think that talking to someone about how crazy the reasons were that I was being declined really made the difference.

    Before finding this site it never would have occurred to me to even try a reconsideration line. So if you get denied you might as well try it, there is really nothing to lose.
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    Thank for sharing. I too have had great success by calling the reconsideration lines after an initial denial. It definitely pays to be persistent in this game!

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    good call. I am still keeping my 100% Chase recon line rate. :) worked in a call center before, i know the first and foremost thing is to cheer up the agent. it normally does the trick. however, in Jason's incident, he did go a few miles beyond and it did work. congas.
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    Currently have the Freedom (since 2005), United Visa (since March), and BA Visa (since July). Applied for the Sapphire Preferred, got the Pending Review screen, and called Chase Recon. Agent mentioned the app was turned down, asked about the number of inquiries and why I was looking for credit so "aggressively."

    I explained that 1) I just got a new job that involves a lot of travel and 2) I'm not so much looking for more credit as I am for a card that will give me a bonus for hotel spending. 3-4 minutes on hold, and she said that my application would go through for a second look with her recommendation to approve.

    Anyone have this situation where the Recon line can't approve but says they will put it through with their "recommendation"? She did not offer to transfer credit line from other card(s) to new Sapphire Preferred, even though I mentioned I don't want more credit-- just a chance to earn a bonus on hotel stays. Letter to follow within 10 days, supposedly, indicating final decision...

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