Why does Australia have no good luxury hotels?

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    I have tried over 5 years to find one and yet found none
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    have you tried camping at the Rock?:)
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    Australia is, let's face it probably the most overrated country in the world, subsumed under oceanic hype. There is more to do in Omaha, Nebraska than in the CBD of Sydney-a tiny town (nice harbor though) that absurdly makes it to the top of world city ratings-London, New York, Tokyo,,,,,,Sydney, really? (Only thing sillier is Vancouver). I don't think many true world travelers (have done 120 counties for context) would rate anything about Australia exceptional (have done six trips there and driven all over the place-it is pleasant place with a better climate than the Northeast in the winter.). There are at least 50-100 cities that are more attractive with more to do than Melbourne. Perth is nice, but so is Wichita. Brisbane? Darwin? Absolutely nothing there. I have no truck with the people, but customs can be oddly hasilistic for Americans, and what has stopped me from returning is that prices have skied up due to the hype and nothing else. It is no longer very affordable. The first person to clue me in to the absurd overrating of the country was a young Australian girl who had travelled a bit and said "this country is really overrated."
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    Brisbane is very underrated. Perth is a great place to live but deadly boring to visit.

    The new Hyatt in Sydney is supposed to be very good and the Sydney Hilton is one of my favs. But I've been to Wichita... and Darwin and neither compare to Brissy or Sydney. Australia has changed their business visa and it is now a lot more expensive and a real pain in the butt.

    As for Vancouver, I live there half time and there is a lot to do as long as you stay more than three days and can get out into the region. What makes it so nice? There is a lot to do for most people, but maybe you have different priorities.
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    I'm not expecting that much. BNB is what I had in mind best. Was able to visit Bayswater, Victoria before and the suburban was quite boring for me.

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