Who’s sorry now? UAL intl traffic declining: ‘flying a lot less attractive without miles.”

Discussion in 'United Airlines | MileagePlus' started by ahappyelite, Nov 9, 2017.

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    United losing international customers. Certainly have to factor in what the bean counters sidestepped: why NOT fly a discounter for a low fare when United attacked even Gold and Platinum elites. Only intermittently a $10k plus spender with CAL, I personally spent a reliable 6k with Continental, sure chump change in the scheme of things, but this year my total spend is $300. Refuse to do business with people who have such manifest disdain for ordinary customers. WOW works. So does Norwegian. QM 2, esp for families/groups etc. Never coming back. Ever. There must be thousands of people-many on much higher spends who feel the same way.
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